Pimax 4K face pad


has anyone else got issues with the foam face pad coming off. the glue on my velcro stripes has come off and now the pad falls off with the stripe and makes the headset uncomfortable. anyone have any diy facepads they have made .


Find some heavy duty velcro strips/cut to size and slap on a VR Cover.

Pimax’s velcro strip job is trash.


I never had a problem with mine. But as cmm said buying good velcro works or reglue the original velcro.


The issue of the velcro strip becoming unglued happens when you’re removing the foam one too many times.


Has been mentioned before on the forum, but the 4k (earlier models anyway) came with a very basic face foam and yes mine came off as well… You can buy vive leatherette face foam that fits fairly well, but yes as mentioned above replace the velcro with a good one. And switch out the sweat magnet basic foam with one that can be cleaned easily.



I think this matter is VERY important because the solution to the issue also improves the PIMAX 4K:

The original face pad has a thickness of almost 1 cm.
While using this original padding the VR experience to me always seemed a bit “tunneled” like looking at the world through toilet paper tubes.
When after one year the original padding gave up on me I ordered a set of VIVE replacement pads on Amazon.
But I did not buy the thick ones, I got the thinner ones only being about 6mm thick.
There was a HUGE imrovement in the field of view!
No more “tunneled” vision and also the image sharpness improved for me because of less blur.
I strongly would advise ALL Pimax 4k USERS to replace their thick pads with thinner ones!
The only disadvantge would be for people that need to wear glasses - the thinner padding does not allow wearing glasses while using the Pimax 4k


The best for me !


I bought the cheap china ones, the same as @jonnypanic ? did on ebay. One kinda died on me, the glue loosened. But I bought 3 at the same time, so no worries :slight_smile:
They fit better than the original but since they’re faux-leather, do not breath or soak up sweat so it can get moist during hot days.


I just got a pair of “KIWI design” face pads originally for the Vive, and I am using the thick 18mm one now. That solves some Issues I had regarding the original pad soaking up with sweat, breathing through my nose and my eyelashes constantly striking the presciption glasses from planet-estelle.com.
Having the 4K on my face has gotten 100% more comfortable now! :slight_smile:


please post a link to where you got them for the rest of the community.




Sorry, I thought “KIWI design” would do as a hint. :innocent:

Here you go: