Pimax 4k gray vertical stripes


I will describe just in case all my actions
Recently it finally came extensions with Ali
I bought an HDMI 2.0 and USB 3.0 up to 2 meters

your Pimax through them (to remove the wire back) and everything was
fine from the beginning (the picture was without distortion )
but after a while
I saw these streaks

I’m shocked and don’t know what to do
I disabled the extension cords and enabled Pimax on the computer - - - > the strips remained
I see the picture through them only the picture darker
the lines are not of the same tone, some are darker, some are lighter
these vertical strips are separated as you can see by heating lines
Pimax switched to video mode and back again - - - > didn’t help
connected via USB 2/0 and via USB 3/0 (HDMI connected to HDMI input) - - - > did not help
firmware version-
version of Piplay-

Please tell me what to do
or is my matrix broken (as you understand , I don’t want to believe it) ?
maybe somewhere bent wire(is that even possible due to wires ) ?
helmet bought from Ali less than a year ago

is there a warranty from Pimax on helmets purchased this way ?

for previously very large thank you
Hope for your help
I love VR very much

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@PohuyuMoroz please download this link to refresh the firmware to remove the vertical stripes.