Pimax 4K green light / cable problem


Hello everyone.

Since my purchase, I could only use the 4K headset for two days. I quickly had the problem of green light, display off and no detection of the headset by the system.

After several sleepless nights, uninstalling and reinstalling different versions of PiPlay, after many firmware flash, with different methods, I ended up with a strange problem.

I am now with the firmware version 265, and the latest version of PiPlay 84. the headset is in red light when it is placed and static, then goes back to the green light in hand. it is recognized by the system, by PiPlay, PiTool, SteamVR, etc.

In fact the headset loses the video signal from time to time and a false contact of the cable seems to be the source.

Many people have posted similar messages and a YouTube video shows how to replace the cable.
The problem is he knew?
My diagnosis seems to be the right one.

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Hi can you post your system config?

Windiws ver
Gpu/driver version.

This thread may help as well.


Hi ! No I can’t right now, I’m on business trip ! Will do that further when I’ll be back !