Pimax 4K HELP please



i updated my nolo CV1 firmware yesterday and now my pimax 4k helmet wont work on steam, steam VR gives me a 301 error


@Doman.Chen @Sean.Huang @Dallas.Hao


Got it,please wait for the coming pitool,it will compatible with nolo,thanks.


thanks so much for the reply, thats great to hear! :smiley: thank you!


It good news!!! Thanks the reply


any idea when the new pitool will be released?


Thanks doman, can I please ask yourself and @mozi to prepare a reply to the PiTool version compatibility list I brought up with the committee. Seeing this post in public means there are needs for this list.

Thanks so much



HI,here is new pitool version which is compatible with nolo,you could try it and feedback to me,thanks.

Nolo VR + Pimax 4K. BeatSaber

Thanks! I will test it


i installed it without unitstalling the last version then i restared my pc, clicked steam VR and it still gave me the 301 error, i uinstalled it completely from my computer and then installed theversion of pitool’s you shared, and still getting the 301 error :frowning:


steamvr 301 is another issue I think,did you try to reinstall steamvr?


Very satisfied :grin:


Hi,Eno,please check this link,thanks.


It working for pimax 4k i tested


yup i reinstalled Steam VR just now, i mean everything worked b4 i did the nolo update


Still 301 error so im not sure whats going on here


Check your folder “C:\Program Files\Pimax” is there a folder “SteamVRSupport”?


yes i have a SteamVRSupport in that location video drivers are up to date, the last thing i wanna do is re-format my whole PC lol but if it works for you guys and other people maybe something has to be cleared or something im not totally sure whats going on atm i going to assume its just my PC


got it working now, forgot to open NOLO HOME :stuck_out_tongue:


Not sure if it is the new Nolo firmware or PiTool but my controllers and headset marker frequently loose tracking. Frequent gray screens and the controllers just suddenly loose orientation. Although I see some improvements in tracking fast hand movements, the new Nolo firmware does seem very buggy.