Pimax 4k Hurts my nose


Hello i have a BIG problem with the pimax 4k when i want to use my HMD i need to put it really down on my face to have a clear image and set like that the headset hurts my nose a lot couldn’t finish my movie because it was hurting too much thinking about sending the pimax back because i won’t handle to demolish my nose


Hi. One thing that might work is a couple of strips of peal & stick weatherstripping to cushion the nose.


Yes the Pimax 4K does not have enough room. It hurts mine too and I have used some ugly extra foam to keep the headset away from my face a bit. Still hurts.

I believe the 8K has extra nose room because of the bad experiences people have with the 4K version


Experienced same thing and hope it will be fixed in 8k design.


OKAY i have a very good alternative solution i bought 18mm pads made for the htc vive and it works like a charm i removed the velcro on the nose area and no hurtings anymore, in france i coud only get a set of 3 for 20€ but still cheaper than occulus right :slight_smile:


Would that be something like this?

Or can you link me to where you found yours? My gigantic nose thanks you in advance


Nevermind, I found some cheap ones from China, I’m in no hurry.

Title says 16mm but you can select the 18mm one when you order.


yes any of the 18mm, hope the trick will work for you too :slight_smile:


Yea, I hope the 18mm I ordered is of actual quality. You never know with these suppliers. Could be total junk.