Pimax 4K Installation tutorial? Non SteamVR?


hi there!

I took the plunge and bought a Pimax 4K. And to be honest : I have no idea on how to enable this for games and movies (eg).

My purpose : play games like Assetto Corsa and GTR2 (non Steam versions) in VR. Or even Dirt Rally (also on DVD and non steam)
What did I do : I followed some tutorials already (installing the Oculus software and the Revive software eg) but it’s still not “clicking” on how to enable VR for these games… And what about games that are older? Things like Richard Burns rally… ? I understand that they didn’t have VR options but is it

Is there an absolute newbie tutorial that’s also not outdated? As many tutorials out there reference older version of the Oculus/PiMAX software?




Hi,have you installed the Piplay software? You may go to our official website: www.pimaxvr.com to download the latest piplay version. In addition, you may play Steam games, the steps are brief shown as below:
1.Go to Steam official website and install it.
2.Then install Steamvr
3.Open Steamvr and switch to Pimax mode in the Piplay software
4.Run the room settings in Steamvr
5.Finally go to Steam and play games.
We hope the info will help you.
Have a nice day!


Hi Echdareez

i know you mentioned NON Steam games… but what Pimax support is saying is that when you install Oculus games… and then install STEAMVR your Oculus games appear in your steamvr library. and you can launch Oculus games through Steamvr as well.

as you can see in my library in steam… i have steamvr games and oculus games.

For some non vr games you can use revive to inject vr into them… it does not work on all games, so a bit of reading on google will point you in the right direction.