Pimax 4k + NoloVR


Only just purchased my Pimax 4k, bought in a bundle with Nolo controllers. Arrived yesterday, have managed to configure the 4k to run fine, including with Steam VR.

However, running PiPlay (which was the only available download option), it is unable to recognise any tracking Device: The base or the controllers. I have paired all controllers with the headset, all emit constant green light when switched on & are paired correctly, but will not display as connected in PiPlay or in Steam VR.

I attempted to install PiPlay 2.0.5 in case this would allow my controllers to be recognised, but after uninstalling I was always unable to install the older version due to the “Please disable antivirus” error (which I did, although I never needed to disable any program to install the newer version). So no luck installing the older version to compare.

Windows 8.1
Intel i7-4790K
Nvidia GTX 970

Any help much appreciated, otherwise part of my purchase is sitting totally unusable here.



There are a few users here with Nolo experience. @CMM & @sjefdeklerk mighr have some insights.

I have added support to your post.


Hi @envrenvr, sorry for the late reply because of Chinese Spring Festival, how is it going now? Regarding your problems you have met, we suggest that you may reinstall the Piplay software in the version of meanwhile, you may try to reinstall the Graphics card and Steam VR. If it still does not work, Please do not hesitate to contact our mailbox: support@pimaxvr.com, thank you!:slight_smile:


Are there any other controllers compatible with pimax? I only know Nolo CV1 and Hydra, which do not buy in my country. Or buy in three price. Can I order nolo cv1 from Pimax because I already have a Pimax 4k? Who should I contact Pimax? Last question is for Pimax sellers. Thx


There are many options depending on games.

Motion controler though one is psmove best with Driver4vr for ease of setup & use.

@jonnypanic is definitely a good resource for possible options.