Pimax 4k Not working. dont know what problem


Hard reset uses the following steps:

  1. Remove all cables from your computer (HDMI and USB)
  2. Press all buttons simultanly and hold them.
  3. Connect the USB cable on your PC
  4. After 8 seconds release the power button
  5. 8 seconds later release the middle button
  6. At least 8 seconds later release the last one

Now you have a blanc Pimax HMD. When you start PiPlay (with fully connected headset) it says, you must download and flash the firmware. Now you can do what need is. Flash the firmware and have fun with your headset :slight_smile:


thx for the steps

its crazy man. i followed the steps.
connecting the usb gave me a white light on the top. i got excited . leaveing the power button gave me a light blue light.
then leaving middle button gave me a flashing white light. and finally leaving all buttons it came back to the green light.
the optimistic in me got too excited. but its exactly the same. not to mention i dont think anything happened to firmware at all because it still shows me 1 0 0 265 ( dont know what it was from factory )

tried it twice . no luck .

do u have any idea by any chance why the update tool from pimax is not working for me. so i can flash firmware or something .


A few people have had issues with pimaxs flasher tool. There is one that has been made by pimaxs community member @sjefdeklerk which works really well




this is getting crazy. i know they are small company and stuff. but this is just waste of time and money of lot of parties in whole.

this upgrade tool (both by user and official) just wouldnt work. it kept asking for missing dll files. with random luck i realised that those files are present in a runtime folder in piplay installation i copye upgarde tool files there and now i have this error

im so fed up by now. i have filed a refund for this already. it should be picked up in 10 hours. but i honestly dont want to part with this. if someone could help me by then . would be glad

thx otherwise.


If a hard reset have no result, you can have a bigger hardware problem.
I don’t know where you come from, but I think it would be better, you send the headset back to the manufacturer. He can check your hardware and - if nessesary - change the headset.


Hi,please don’t hesitate to contact support@pimaxvr.com ,we are willing to help you.


If you’re still having issues with the firmware update. I managed to manually update the firmware, check out the end of my thread. Pimax no longer works after PiPlay update

Still facing the “unresponsive” issue in SteamVR. :frowning:


hehe thx.

i did the smart thing ( no offense to any 1). returned it.

i love tinkering as much as the next nerd. but this was too much. the product is not consumer-ready in my opinion.

maybe pimax 2 8k whatever.


The thing is it worked perfectly fine the first time I installed it. Even my Oculus had major issues with installation.



I am also having a problem with light staying green.
Pimax shows usb connected HDMI disconnected.

How do I put it in video mode to see if it is visible there.



Did Piplay install correctly?
Make sure that the PiServiceLauncher is running in Windows Task Manager - Services

Have you tried to make sure that the HDMI port is working with another device? A video monitor for example.

If still no good, you should contact Pimax support, email/Skype. Have TeamViewer installed.


Yes piservicelauncher.exe is running.
The HDMI is working.
I think it is the HMD that is fried.
I’ll give you a bit of back ground info. I don’t use it very often but early December the blue light was then mid December I noticed that it was green. Then Xplane 11 was on sale on steam so I bought that, tried vr and it was saying no HMD was detected.
I tried a monitor another cable, nothing. I guessed the HDMI port is dead.
New graphics card and still nothing from the HMD.
So I guess the pimax popped and took the HDMI port out of the other graphics card.

Waiting to hear back from Pimax.


Yeah, that sounds serious and if that’s the case at least Pimax will see that the unit is dead.

Only other thing is to try another PC, but that could be dangerous if Pimax has a faulty HDMI.

Good luck.


Yeah, I wouldn’t like to kill someone else’s graphics card. I was crapping myself plugging it into the new card.

I’ve not had much luck with the pimax, maybe I will call it a day on vr.



I know how you must feel.

Overall I think I’ve been lucky with mine.
I’ve had it for well over a year now and apart from the focus issue mod I had to make it’s worked reliably.

But I don’t know if I would feel comfortable in buying another Pimax without some serious user feedback first.

I really don’t want to go through waiting months for software fixes again and after all this time, the 4K issues still haven’t been resolved.

Now with the 8K etc coming on stream, I doubt that 4K will rate much attention from Pimax regardless of whatever they say about it.
They’re really going to have their hands full resolving all the issues with the new unit for a long time.

I’m kind of considering the Vive Pro.
I think the upgrade in resolution, past product reliability and HTC’s reputation makes me more confident.
But I think I will wait a while before doing anything.


I too was looking forward to the 8K but now I think I will probably go for the Vive pro, But I won’t be hasty and I will wait until mixedrealitytv Sebastian has reviewed them both until I make a decision


Turns out pimax support think the HDMI cable is broken and if I bung them another $30 they will send me another inferior cable. I have had this unit for about 6 months, hardly used it and the cable is broke how badly must that be made.

I’m currently stuck between a rock and a hard place, I either use it as a paper weight or take the gamble on another cable that I have to fit myself, no dought voiding the warranty if anything else goes wrong with it.

I will definitely be going for the vive pro. I have no confidence that the 8K will be any less problematic than the 4K. I just hope for all the early backers that they make more of an effort than they have with the 4K, but it sounds like they are moving onto the production unit before the bugs have been ironed out. Just like the 4K, ship it out and try to fix the problems later. After all they already have their money.


Hi Shaun,
Sorry to hear that, but if Pimax support think that it is a faulty HDMI cable and you have only had the unit for 6 months, then surely it is still under warranty and they should send you a replacement free of charge.

Alternatively, I would think that you would be within your rights to return the unit from where you purchased it for a replacement or a refund?

Have you discussed this with Pimax and the supplier?
May be worth a try.

If you do buy the $30 replacement cable from Pimax, you will still have to open the unit to install it.
Not really difficult, but not a desirable thing to have to do if the unit is still under warranty.
You should mention this to Pimax as well.

Please post any outcome on the forum as this is very helpful information for people considering purchasing any products from Pimax in the future.

It Pimax attitude has become “purchase at own risk” the we should all be made aware of it.

Good luck with it.


They told me it’s the HDMI cable and said give us $30 and we will send you a new cable.

First of all I replied no way am I paying for it, it’s still in warranty, they relied it’s a consumer part and is not part of the warranty!! WTF.

I asked if it would void the warranty by me opening the HMD to fit a new cable, and they did not give an answer to that.

I also asked would the replacement be a better quality cable - answer is no the same type, WORRYING.

I bought my original 4K in June 2017 and when I got it I was a bit perplexed that the image was not as good as I was expecting and the lenses were blurry in the centre, so I first contacted them about the blurry lens problem, they told me it was because I needed glasses. I don’t normally wear glasses but I am getting on in years and have noticed my eye sight is degrading, so i got some glasses.

The glasses did make the centre a little better but then the rest of lenses were blurry ( I never noticed this problem when I tried the rift and the vive just before I purchased the Pimax ).

Then I read on this forum that they had sent the wrong headsets out, BE not 4K, and low and behold I had the BE model. This it’s self turned into a hassle getting it swapped for the 4K model that I had ordered. This mistake by PIMAX ended up costing me over $30 for shipping that I never got back. I could live with that, but now they want another $30 for a faulty cable ( and what happens if the cable is not the fault. How do know for sure ). I feel like they are taking the piss.

I looked at Gearbest returns policy and I could send it back for repair only but then I would have to pay the shipping cost, over $30.

I payed $399 in June 2017 plus $30 shipping to get the BE swapped for the 4K model that I ordered ( wich took quite a while before i got it back ) plus ANOTHER $30 if I take ANOTHER gamble on purchasing the cable, at this price guess how much I wish I bought the rift from Amazon, which I could return no questions asked.

I just don’t have a clue what to do for the best. I think I will probably drop it in the bin and learn a massive lesson DON’T BUY DIRECT FROM CHINA. They don’t care and it will cost you more if you have any problems.

There should be dedicated a place on this forum where people can say what problems they have had with the headsets so anyone looking to take the GAMBLE can at least do it with a bit more information from the people who have already had their fingers burned.

Sorry for the long winded post but thanks for listening.

Edit - just had a message from @pinate, he has gone through the same hassle and now his pimax is just sat in a corner. So sad this is how they treat people that believed in them.


Hi Shaun,
What an absolute pain in the but for you and warning to potential customers.
Should they read some of the issues people have had with the Pimax4K, I’m sure they will run a mile away from Pimax products.

I just don’t think that Pimax understand that people don;t forget such poor service and experiences.

I think you should send the unit back to Gearbest for repair and keep track of all the costs you have incurred when you get the unit back.
Then send Pimax an invoice for the amount with a covering letter.

I’m really starting to feel sorry for the 8K backers.