Pimax 4k Not working. dont know what problem


Hi Luke

They have offered me the cable for $20, anything is better than nothing. Although I should imagine that it costs way way less than that for them to manufacture.

I think I will take a chance and buy the cable and I have been told by @Heliosurge that you have provided a instructional video ( thank God for people like you ).

Fingers crossed it will work, at least until I can buy a better HMD.


Thanks for your input


I can agree that more often then not manufacturers rarely see all tge pitfalls that maybe present in their products.

Users expressed concern about non user removable cables as 1 user mentioned expensive tech often turned into a paper weight over a damaged cable not being removable.

The good news it does sound that pimax may revisit the 4k model & release a much more improved model; much like HTC is doing with the Vive with the Vive Pro.


Hi Shaun,
The video I made was more to do with modifying the unit to suit my focus and although it may be helpful there is another video made by another person that has more detail about disassembling the unit.

The first video is the one I made and the second is the other which may be more helpful for what you will need to do.

I hope they help.
Good luck with it.


Well I really hope Pimax does follow through with an upgraded 4K model.

As I have said a number of times, if they got a 4K unit sorted out with mechanical IPD and focus and a good tracking system, in my opinion, there wouldn’t be a unit currently or in the near future, on the market that would come close to it.


Try disabling pimax 4k from multiple displays section see if it works after restarting pimax.