Pimax 4K -PC freeze \deadlock -help please!

Hi Guys,
Please help me with my trouble!
in short: Every time i use Pimax4K to watch VR Video -my PC is getting freeze, lock.
To watch it i use Simple VR Player.
More Details:

OS: Windows 10 64-bit.
CPU: FX 6300 ( overclocked)
GPU: GeForce GTX 1660
RAM: 8 GB only (DDR3)
SSD for system and etc
motherboard: asus sabertooth 990fx r2.0

Initially, i had a GTX 950 GPU. When i bougth Pimax4K i tried to used it but HEVC video required better GPU,
So i bought GTX 1660. ( plugged, installed new drivr and etc).
I start video in Simple VR it plays a bit and then after some time (not stable) PC freeze totally (from headset in Pimax i can also hear sometimes some sound after freez like “beeeeeeeeep”).
After restart my PC -it simply does not want to boot ( just black screen - no boot meny and Asus mothermoard info).
After few more attempts it starts normally, or gives me a message “overclocking failed” and suggests me to go in Bios menu.
Further restart gives normal PC start.
I am pretty sure its not about CPU overclock. I also went to BIOS and restored all defaults…but it did not help.

Also i noticed, that the more PC is working ( for example 6 hours working already) the faster this Freeze happens after Video Start.
So if i start PC and will want vide in Pimax imiideately then it takes longer before freeze (at least i have such feeling). But CPU temperature seems is OK.

I reverted back to my OLD GPU (gtx 950) and now i have FREEZE still…not so fast but i have it anyway!
in this older GPU i can watch few minutes of video and then it still randomly freezes…but definitely MUCH later then GTX 1660.

Also to add: when i used GTX 1660 - i used “GPU acceleration” settings NCUVID so i doublechecked that CPU load was never too high with GTX 1660…
but it “triggers” to freeze faster…

Please help!

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Sounds a lot like when I had my CPU liquid cooler failed. But I don’t know for sure. I replaced it and the bonding compound and have not had a problem. Do you have liquid cooling?

The memory u have in you’re pc. What is it? What frequency is it running? And can you tell me your motherboard model.

What you are describing sounds like memory leak or faulty memory. You need to check if the memory is the right type for the board. It might be that 8gb is just not enough to run windows, background apps, and a video file in vr at the same time. And as the video is playing the video player is not releasing memory and your system bottles and starts to cache out.
The reason for the failed reboot may be because the memory is faulty or the wrong type and system has become unstable… Would explain why the other GPU still has freezing issues.


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This really sounds like a CPU issue, but also RAM. Might be a good idea to update the rest of your system. FX series CPUs are notorious for stutters and freezing issues. A B450 board and a 2nd gen Ryzen can be had relatively cheap. $216 for a board and a R5 2600.

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No i dont. its usual FAN. And CPU temperature is totally OK (as i tired to monitor)

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Its Asus Sabertooth 990fx r2.0.

What frequency is it running?

RAM frequency is: MAX - 1333.
Currently running - 667
( Kingston) 2 X 4 GB. DDR3
But its DDR3 and now its a bit difficult to buy other DDR3 (not used).
That interesting idea about memory leak, but i still trying to understand -why more powerfull GPU (1660 gtx) triggers freezing much faster than 950 GTX…energy consumption ?

I double-checked my Power Supply is 530W. I wonder if it could be related somehow to this question.
(but in GPU spec its stated" GeForce GTX 1660 - On your average system we’d recommend a 450 Watt power supply unit." So it must be enough)


The Motherboard you mentioned, thats the Asus 990fx r2.0 is the one with v3.0 PCIX?

If so this model used method chip to give a kind of Pseudo v3.0 PciX. Am2+ Motherboards normally only have PCIX v2.0 x16.

I would reccommend exploring what was mentioned above. Repaste your cpu cooler, return to stock clocks on your cpu.

You said it’s stuttering playing video?

First maybe try 1 stick of Ram at a time & return cpu to stock clocks.

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Apologies, I have just got back from another Microsoft Conference. What operating system are you running on that Board please? From memory i’m sure that there are no official Win10 firmware drivers for the 990FX so which ones did you install?

on a second note… as there are no Win10 Firmware drivers for it (could impact stability a little) this could be compounded if you then over clock the device. I see that there is some overclocking on the CPU… I would defiantly disable that for your testing.

The suggestion of a single stick of ram is a solid one… make sure you use each stick one at a time in the same slot (use slot 1) but not together during your testing.

I dont know what BIOS firmware you have so see if the latest BIOS firmware needs to be applied. this link should give you the download https://www.asus.com/us/Motherboards/SABERTOOTH_990FX_R20/HelpDesk_BIOS/

also note that this board has dual PCIe 2.0 x16 slots. make sure the gpu is in slot 1! this is important!

run some tests on video playing… but also try an alternative to your default player… the stuttering may be because of codec issues as well.

let us know how you get on.


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It stuttering with Only HEVC video and old GPU 950 GTX . Usual Videos (especially without VR ) are playing fine.
With newer GPU ( 1660 GTX) video was cool, but started to freeze (together with whole PC)

thats the Asus 990fx r2.0 is the one with v3.0 PCIX?

I ll check it when return to home. thanks

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Thanks for your answers, guys !

What operating system are you running on that Board please?
Will update exact build number.

I see that there is some overclocking on the CPU… I would defiantly disable that for your testing.
It was overclocked by previous “owner” and i though i have disabled it. But i will double-check it.

The suggestion of a single stick of ram is a solid one…
Agreed, i will test it, but i am simply afraid that only one stick ( 4gb Only) will not operate well with VR video on Pimax4K and GTX 1660 GPU…so it will stutter anyway i guess.

I have also run yesterday RAM Stress test on AIDA tool but …no freeze and PC was ok.
I also did GPU stress test before. But i can repeat it.

also note that this board has dual PCIe 2.0 x16 slots. make sure the gpu is in slot 1! this is important!

In Principle, i am ready to buy new RAM sticks to change existing,
but if my motherboard is too Deprecated for such GPU and VR - this new DDR3 RAM will be waste of money.
Both of you mentioned, that this motherboard has( or could) PCIe 2.0 x16 slots (not 3.0).
Is it critical for VR and my 1660 GTX GPU ?

Thanks again

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I used to use a i7 4790 that used ddr3 memory and i also think that it used 1333? I may have even had 16 or even 32gb. The pimax 4k worked fine with it. I never used an Amd machine to be honest, but I believe that the 2 boards are similar… Just Intel Vs Amd

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Asus made 2 versions of that 990fx sabertooth motherboard. One version had v3.0 pcix x16 slots. But used a chipset(?) To try & acheive this. Am2+ processors themself only have pcix v2.0 lanes.

It is possible if it’s the version with pseudo v3.0 x16 slots; this version of the board was discontinued due to problems. If I can find a link will try to post it.

I think this one called SABERTOOTH 990FX/GEN3 R2.0

But i have standart one https://www.asus.com/ru/Motherboards/SABERTOOTH_990FX_R20/

From AIDA: 63-0100-000001-00101111-122211-Chipset$1APEF003_BIOS DATE: 05/04/16 14:45:20 VER: 04.06.05

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Okay cool as the Gen3 board was known to be problematic & didn’t perform as expected.

@bubbleball I know was using an fx8350 with I believe a gtx1070 & may have some ideas on this.

Just as an idea: If this freeze now always happens with using Pimax 4K -can it be some issue\defect in my Pimax4K device ???
I am running now OCCT GPU stress test with 100% GPU and PC is working fine…may be its not PC issue ?
How do you think ?
Idea_N2: When i bought my new GPU i found out that my PowerSuply has only 6-pin cable (as old GPU has 6-pin), but new GPU has 8-pin slot.
I bough 6-8pin adapter (even 2 different) and just curious if it can be related somehow ?
I guess if adapter was BAD GPU would not work anyway i would not let me playt VR video even few seconds…

All of what you say is possible. Also with psu are not built equal.

RTX cards for example (think 2080ti) some found a 1000w psu wasn’t enough while a 550w would work fine. Due to 12v rail amps.