Pimax 4k rateing for flight sim's andcar sim's?


Hi Guy’s, as a Pimax 8 backer in the low 6000’s ,guessing that I will not receive it before October/November at the earliest and not having tried VR yet I have been tossing up whether it’s worth buying the 4K in the interim ?
At 73 I have not got time on my side!!!


Tough question. I’m a bit younger and my backer # is in the mid-3000s, so in my case, I feel like it would be better to save the cash towards an 1180 or 1180Ti, which hopefully will be available by then. That way you’ll have the best possible experience with the 8K. That’s my plan.

If money isn’t an issue, then why not? If nothing else, you’ll have PiPlay installed and your VR transition to the 8K should go more smoothly. Depending on your situation, you might have a grandchild who would love to get a 4K hand-me-down.


Would rather choose the Samsung Odyssey since it offers a more complete experience with best in its class display quality and more complete & stable VR environment/drivers, it’s even offered at 399 currently…


Thank you
neal_whiteiii andLillo for your opinion’s having recently upgraded my computer (msi1080Ti water cooled) and getting impatient to try VR I have pulled the trigger for a Samsung Odyssey from USA it’s winter here in Aussie so now is the time for VR,once again thanks for your advice