Pimax 4k side strap clip replacement


Hi support,

The left clip on the side of my pimax needs replacement - the left one has snapped and the right one has a small crack. Are you able to send me some please? This is the clip that the headset head strap velcro’s to. It has the Pi symbol on it. Also if you can tell me how they are removed I would appreciate it.

Thanks Eno
@xunshu @Pimax-Support


Hi @Enopho, could you please take the photo of that and send your request to our mailbox: support@pimaxvr.com ?
We are willing to help you.:slight_smile:


no problem… i will send the photos tonight when im home from work.

appreciate your rapid reply :slight_smile:



Hi again,

here are the photos you asked for - i will also send the support mailbox as well



Hi Support! (@Pimax-Support @PM_Sean @xunshu)

thanks for the clips, they arrived last Tuesday but i was off skiing, so just got back today and went to put them on the Headset.

I realised that the pimax logo on the side straps is a cover plate and removed it… was stuck on with glue, but now i am faced with a lock of some kind and i cant see how to remove it? can you advise please? I need to remove it as the new clips have a slightly different design and mechanism




Bumpity bump bump! still need some guidance on removal of those side clip housings?



Hi Eno, sorry for our negligence, we have e-mailed you an attachment about installation instruction. You may also refer to this link: https://mega.nz/#!RdxQXI7Y!Ch6vNOCnYyrGBOGM-T5F8vXpsctdSC7FnlXzuSNAprc
Please be advised and hope it will help you.:slight_smile:


Those new dark clips look cool


Many thanks for the instructions unfortunately the new clips won’t screw easily onto the old clips… That’s my problem.

The old clips have a slightly different connection to the new black ones, and I need to remove the old clips on the headset to put the new clips in… The instructions showed me how to remove the side covers but not how to remove the actual clips on the headset.




Hi Eno, can you take a photo about the old clips and the new clips? I may ask the hardware engineer to check, thanks.


Sure can… But will have to be tomorrow as out with wife for her birthday tonight




That is alright. Happy birthday! :slight_smile: We are looking forward to your reply.


Hi @Pimax-Support,

as promised here are some photos of the 2 clip types… the old one is gray, the new ones are black.

its hard to get clean images of them, but there is a difference, so i have also photographed the back of the clasps as well to show you the extra bit of plastic that locks onto the lock that is in the headset… thats the bit i need to remove and need to know how to get it off the headset, hopefully without opening it up! eekk

here are the clips in the headset i need to remove (2 photos)


next are the photos of the new clips in black (2 Photos) note that extra semi circle black notch in those locks?

and now the clasps that connect to the clips (3 photos)

Old clip - gray

New Clip - Black

Both together note the additions plastic blocks on the black one, means it does not fit flush on the old gray locks on the headset

Hope this is enough for you - so if you can tell me how to remove the plastic clips in the headset i would appreciate it :slight_smile:




Actually i found out how to do it… you do need to open it up and there are 4 compression springs on the clip. i needed to release all 4 (not easy i must say) and then the locks come off…

I have replaced both of them now so i will close this thread! Note to anyone opening their product. please check with pimax support before doing this in case it voids your warranty and NEVER have it plugged into your pc when doing so!