Pimax 4k Software Wish List


This topic’s primary goal is to suggest improvements or new features for the software that Pimax has provided. Please try to format your suggestions, and if you find one that is already mentioned, feel free to quote it. That goes for this initial post as well. I’ll also try to add the ones I see to the main post if they have reasonable community support behind them.

Format goes as follows…

Feature Request:
Reason for Feature:

I’ll start with a few…

Pimax 4k Software Wish List

[details=(1) Use of Steam Renderer ]Feature Request: Allow Option for Steam Renderer
Reason for Feature: The Steam Renderer for Vr is stable and effective, while the Pimax’s has much work to be done. In some instances, it would be better to use Steams, in others it might be better to use Pimax’s, so the option between the two would be great.[/details]
Status: Work in Progress
Status Updated: July 24
Comments: “Stay tuned for the new PiPlay this week”
Discussion Page
Special Comment: …I noticed Pimax is commenting on the improvement of their render engine, but they don’t seem to comment on the option to use Steam’s. Until this feature is addressed, this will remain work in progress. If, however, the Pimax renderer substantially improves, this request to toggle between the two likely will be closed.

[details=(2) Gyroscope Calibration]Feature Request: Allow gyroscope calibration
Reason for Feature: Many have issues with Pimax drift, and gyroscope calibration would help eliminate unwanted drift[/details]
Status: Work in Progress
Status Updated: July 27
Comments: “we are testing the feature & will get back to you with updates next week”

[details=(3) Recentering HotKey]Feature Request: Implement Headset Recentering
Reason for Feature: Due to drift and other factors, the headset is often off center after some time… suggestions to recenter include keyboard shortcut and pressing the power button on the headset[/details]
Status: Work In Progress
Status Updated: July 24
Comments: " We plan to include the hotkey in the next iteration"

[details=(3.1) Recentering Button Rebind]Feature Request: Allow user to make a custom recenter button
Reason for Feature: To avoid conflict with default keybinds for game controls or custom user keybinds[/details]
Status Updated:

[details=(4) External Data Input]Feature Request: Allow Piplay to input data from external sources
Reason for Feature: The Pimax headset has no option for positional tracking or custom vr controls… source suggestions include FreePie, Opentrack, PsmoveServie (this utilizes FreePie), Track Ir, Nolo Vr implementation, etc[/details]
Status: Open Project
Status Updated: July 24
Discussion Page

[details=(5) Full Nolo Vr Support]Feature Request: Nolo Vr Support for any version of Pimax (Font Facing and Ceiling Mounted)
Reason for Feature: Nolo Vr depends on v1.2.x drivers, which many Pimax users prefer to avoid… this could be solved via the External Data Input feature suggestion above[/details]
Status: Solved?*
Status Updated: July 24
Comments: …can someone verify that the Nolo system works with all Piplay versions?

[details=(5.1) Nolo Vr Ceiling Mount Support]Feature Request: Ceiling Mount Support
Reason for Feature: The current Piplay do not allow ceiling mount support… front facing gameplay has tracking issues[/details]
Status: Solved?*
Status Updated: July 24
Comments: …can someone verify the working ceiling feature?

[details=(5.2) Nolo Vr Angle and Heigh Compatibility]Feature Request: Allow Nolo Vr Base Station to be set at any Height and Angle
Reason for Feature: The standard front-facing and ceiling setups have their weaknesses, and those with lower ceilings may want to have the base station at an angle or in a corner[/details]
Status Updated:

[details=(6) Display Control Panel]Feature Request: Display Control Panel for contrast/brightness, color saturation, and gamma adjustment
Reason for Feature: This feature would greatly improve playing games or watching movies that do not have these options built in (especially useful for movie watchers!)… suggested by @Acaro[/details]
Status: Considered
Status Updated: July 24
Comments: “We will consider the feature in the following iterations.”

[details=(7) Side-By-Side Feature for Extended Mode]Feature Request: Implement a SBS display feature for Extended Mode
Reason for Feature: Perhaps one of the biggest wishes I’ve seen for Vr is full support for non-vr games, and while this may not happen, many people flock to programs such as Tridef, Reshade SuperDepth 3d, etc… here are some reasons why this would seriously help the Pimax Headsets take off

  • Adding a feature that would take the current screen and duplicate it on each side would allow users to play pre-vr games

  • If done correctly, this would allow both the Headset and pc monitor to mirror each other without distortion on the primary pc monitor while still having the SBS image on the headset

  • However, virtual screen distance from the center would have to manually adjusted to solve ‘cross-eyed’ viewing issues (perhaps IPD changes would solve this as is… would it be better to have both IPD and a SBS distance slider?)… while it may sound redundant, this bit would allow further customization of one’s playing experience, resulting in a happier and more satisfied customer.

  • As a feature greatly lacking in almost every other Vr company, this would give Pimax an advantage in the Vr market with a ‘first feature’, sparking interest and potential sales

  • Couple this feature with with external data input/output (see #4 above), virtually all non-vr racing and flying simulators that use joystick head-tracking, TrackIR, or Freetrack will be playable in Vr, (though not perfectly, but close enough)… simulator enthusiasts will be grateful, and the Pimax headset and software line could be well known [/details]
    Status: Considered
    Status Updated: July 25
    Comments: “we need to evaluate the scope of work though. Would you share the non-vr games that you want to play in VR?”
    Discussion Page

[details=(8) Custom Steam Installation Directory]Feature Request: Steam installation directory option
Reason for Feature: Piplay can have difficulty launching SteamVr if Steam is not on the designated ‘C’ Drive… suggestion would be to add an option manually search for the Steam installation directory[/details]
Status: Considered
Status Updated: July 25
Comments: “We need more case studies to learn the issue and figure out a solution”

[details=(9) Pimax Mouse Mode]Feature Request: Mouse Emulation
Reason for Feature: Pimax has no solid way to emulate mouse movement, which is useful for anything involved with gaming[/details]
Status: Considered
Status Updated: July 25
Comments: “the next step is to include mouse mode in PiPlay Home on Aug/Sep, so you can pick and download games with head movement.”

[details=(10) IPD Crosshair Colors]Feature Request: Allow two different colors for IPD crosshair adjustment
Reason for Feature: Some report difficulty getting a proper IPD set up, so having each screen display a different crosshair would help… please allow a few color options for those that are color blind.
Status Updated:

To anyone else here, feel free to add some of your own suggestions. Oh, and please set the ‘feature request’ and ‘reason for feature’ to bold, as it is easier for everyone to pin point your idea.

If you’d like to make discussions about the suggestions, please make another thread and link it to this one, or head over to the linked threads given. The purpose of this thread is minimal talk and maximum suggestions.

@Pimax-Support, @sjefdeklerk, @crony, @CMM, @LukeB, @Heliosurge (and to all else… these are just the few I remember at the top of my head)

Newest Features: Added (10), Status Updates, Comments, Discussion Link for (7)

Piplay Version 1.2.75 is available for downloading
Wish List _ (7) _ Side-By-Side Feature for Extended Mode
Piplay integration with 3rd part trackers
Piplay Version 1.2.75 is available for downloading
CV1 upgrade to Pimax 4K + PSMove / Kinect positional tracking

You have the main ones covered. I’d like to add better (accurate) IPD adjustment.

Using volume buttons for realtime IPD changes? Maybe a bit unrealistic. But accurate IPD.


How compatible is nolo with Pimax now?


Cool! But after that installer may be soooooo fat, > 1 gb))


Pimax team wants the best VR as much as you do, and you guys are totally right about communication.

VR is in the early stage but moving fast, there are innovations coming up in the next few years. To get ready for the wave of new games, videos, accessories, and technologies, the team line up resources for the very important direction:

  1. Compatible with different VR content platforms,
  2. Expandable with new VR accessories,
  3. Open source for innovations from global VR community.

I have submitted the wish list to the product manager and will post progress of each point below this topic.

To move faster, we are recruiting new members to the team. if you know anyone interested in VR and willing to devote to a tech for the future, just message me.



Will a major update for Piplay happen before or after the Pimax 8K is released?


What is the schedule?

Free Suggestion, Instead of Where is my Pimax or Just use “Searching” and Pimax not found, we know whether our Pimax is connected to our computer. We just need to know if it’s being detected by the software.


@sjefdeklerk @Heliosurge

Please go work for Pimax :wink:


the team usually release new beta every second week

product manager collects bugs/demands from all resources, forum, ecommerce, inbound emails, calls, events, partners, and prioritize the demands and allocate tasks to the team. PiPlay is evolving progressively.

“where is my Pimax” is already removed in the next beta.


Thanks for your answer about Piplay. I hope we get a major update soon.

Piplay Version 1.2.75 is available for downloading

you priority list is perfect. Good work!


Use of Steam Renderer
Why not: if keep using Steam renderer,

  1. Pimax screen will turn black without Steam on.
  2. can only render Steam games
  3. cannot work smoothly with OC, PiPlay games, needs to switch between modes
  4. if add Steam renderer option together with Pimax renderer, there will be conflicts. one demand addressed, more issues occurred.
    We will keep on improving and balancing image quality and frame rate and solving issues to make PiPlay better, we have a support team to review the forum every day and report bugs and issues to the product manager.

Gyroscope Calibration
the team is working on Geomagnetic calibration

Recentering HotKey
we will release new PiPlay with keys redefined.

External Data Input/Expandability/Positional Tracking

  • Nolo + 4K is the top priority
  • 8K will have positional tracking
  • Pimax SDK http://www.pimaxvr.com/developer/ users can DIY their own tracking devices.
  • the idea is to keep Pimax 4K an expandable device. if we find major demand of certain tracking solution, we will start a project for that.

Full Nolo Vr Support
you can download nolo drive from their website and use it with the PiPlay version you preferred.
we recommend to use it with new PiPlay, so that you do not need to turn on both nolo and Pimax drivers.


I’m really glad you are addressing these concerns.

Even though I own the BE headset I really hope the Pimax 8K turns out well and the Kickstarter is successful.

  1. You could simply allow two different programs to work in the same operating system, BUT NOT simultaneously: one with steam render for those who are happy with the Steam games library and one for those who want to try other games. At the present time, however, it would be good to keep in mind that steam games are the reason why most people have bought the Pimax. Before promoting other “game stores” if I were you, I’d just concentrate on how solve the “problems” of the Pimax 4k. If you read the “priority list”, the first need is the steam vr render engine.

  1. the full nolo vr support also refers to the version of Piplay 1.1.92? Are you sure that the Pimax 4k and Nolo VR can work decently even with 1.1.92? Because so far it has not been so


Another thing to add to the priority list:
a full control panel to adjust all the settings like:
Color saturation


Hi, as you know, it could not be change much even though you maximized IPD value in previous Piplay versions. And we have indeed optimized IPD adjustment in Piplay 1.2.75. Anyhow, I think the value is not the matter as long as you could find a proper value : )


Hi, actually we have done many tests between these two versions, as you see, in view of all concerns or matters, we should keep the current Piplay version moving. Yes, we will also hearken you guys’ voice and continuously optimize it. :relaxed:



Thanks for keeping us informed. Is the team implementing changing the ipd adjustment cross hairs to 2 colors as suggested? Say blue left eye & yellow right eye? If the colors are set to say 50 to 60% transparent the eyes should see green when the crosses converge


Does that mean no future changes? On the current version it seems really zoomed in. Wasn’t like that before. Like the FOV has decreased.


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