Pimax 4k Software Wish List


Awesome update!

With number 2. I do understand that it would be steam only & that was the suggestion. PiMax mode would be the perferred All in one. The Steam Render would be for steam only for those who perfer it for steam (yes i have full confidence in time the pimax render will become perferred by all)

I also do appreciate that this isn’t necessarily as easy as it sounds to reimplement a new mode setting as the program structure has went through major changes when 1.2.x was introduced. & that folks need to realize if your team chooses to explore this request it’s not likely to be added quickly.

By implement a seperate mode for the steam renderer for your headsets that steam is compatable with will allow easier comparisons; making it easier potenially to see when steam has a new trick; then you can one up them.


Hopefullt i didn’t clutter this topic folks i moved a bunch of the so to speak off topic posts from 1.2.75. Ugh i will move em back

Psst @xunshu can we have nicknames rolled out for releases with version numbers lol


I didn’t think of this, great idea! I’ll add these suggestions to the main post in a bit.


I made some changes to the original post. Wish List features are now numbered for better referencing. At the bottom of the main post, I’ll be posting in brief the edits/updates to the main as they come in.

Wish List features (6) and (7) were added as well. Feel free to make suggestions!


It probably is a matter of development resources and how much they can do and still look towards the future with the 8k. Project management in software is much more difficult than it appears it would be. One thing I hope they are doing is to break down EVERYTHING into objects, as many modules as possible, modules made up of modules, and labelling those modules or groups of them according to the devepment plan, or in other words, the specs requested or required by users as well as future integration. This way you know what everything is for, not just what it does. It also allows breaking modules, or relabeling, reuse (maybe even duplicating), so that if you had a whole section for steam integration, some of that is used again, from an object oriented “what does this do” perspective. In other words, this is done so you always know what each section of code does, and can repurpose code quickly at any time. It’s about 20% more work on the front end (less when teams get into the flow of it), but allows for an agileness in meeting demands that will allow you to make people very happy later in the life of the project, and gain back many multiples in value down the road. I would even assign someone at this early stage to make those clear OOP distinctions now, to take earlier code and change it. It will make this much less confusing for change later, turning off and moving around modules as new ones are added. Not that things aren’t moving along well already. These are the things a good architect does, works the software structure in a way that makes it easier for the developers to live in. Unfortunately most often overlooked.


Your absolutely correct. Thats also why i said i understand with the major restructuring they did in 1.2.x it would need exploring & those whom are adamant about the preferance would need to be patient.

Closed/Proprietary projects have limited resources to work on projects.

Now i will admit it is worthwhile to put it on the list. One gentleman bought the Pimax specifically to replace something like a 6 display desktop & needs the fidelity/performance that the steam render provides.

& for folks like myself that like to challenge older hardware (2x7950 cf). Unfortunately the steam render plays better. The benefit of course with this that while only vr capable(med settings) the Pimax does so with finess. Allowing in the forums here

This is the minimum spec gpu; however several users have tested the following GPUs will work with reduced setting.

Like you said though its diving out the resources & prioritizing & with the big leap version roll out to 2.0 their plate is likely to be quite full.

All the complaints on res/performance might even be more or less resolved in the All In One driver.


Also focal distance adjustment for those that wear glasses.


I hear you there. Though unfortunately we will need to wait on a version 2. Redesign. But Awesome request.


I would also like to say that I bought my Pimax purely for SteamVR, i have over 100 games and 5 of them are VR related, i am not interested in OC games. and i prefer the steamvr platform. im sure i am not the only one. and i understand that you want to make it more accessible to all platforms.

maybe for the future you can implement something like a tick system in piplay

  • SteamVR

  • Oculus

  • Unity

etc etc… as the person ticks a game platform then the choice decides the best renderer to use.
I might be wishing too much here, but you wanted ideas :slight_smile:


In settings can we have an option to set location of steam folder in case Steam not installed on C drive.


That’s a good idea, its kinda dumb Piplay doesn’t launch SteamVr from a different drive. I’ll add it.


I think Piplay already finds the Steam games folder.

My Piplay (latest version) has all my games under their respective headings already.
It seems to have found them by itself because they are all listed in Piplay. Both VR and non-VR games.


I think this is a very good post. What I want is 4K resolution support. Please don’t forget.


Totally agree. Work towards making Pimax4K meet it’s advertised specification.
Full 4K at 60fps.
If this means a Pimax4K V2 (DisplayPort NOT HDMI) then so be it. I’ll certainly buy one.


Mm, while 4k at 60fps is what we all want, the Wish list isn’t geared towards future devices. In fact, I don’t really care for Pimax 4k v2 or Pimax 8k, at least I won’t unless they do the Pimax 4k v1 right.

I’ll likely add it tomorrow, but I don’t see this as a possibility for the 4k as is.


There is a user who has Steam main program installed on a drive other than C and piplay tells him Steam is not installed.

I have suggested trying to create a shortcut to the steam folder & placing it in the c drive prigram directory & rename. “Shortcut to STEAM” to “STEAM” as a possible solution.

I used to know how to set an Enviroment Variable to do this but its been a long time.


Yes I have been reading those posts.
I usually install all software on drive c: but games, etc I install into a separate 2TByte drive I’ve labeled Media Drive (drive e:).
This has worked well for me for several years.


In my case, install steam in drive C. Then install the game on drive D.
The advantage of this is that you can delete and install Steam and Steam vr without affecting your game folder.
Here’s how.
Steam - Settings - Downloads - Content Libraries - STEAM Library Folders ~!
Click Add Library Folder
Select the folder where the game is installed and click the Select button
(If you right click on the folder added to the folder field and click on it as default folder, the games that will be installed later will be installed in the default folder.)


Yep. That’s exactly what I do and it works well and saves wondering where everything is.
It also makes it very easy to upgrade to larger drives if space starts to run out.


Indeed on my linux computer i install my steam games on a removable hard drive. I use this on linux so i can migrate my games from one linux machine to another without needing to download.

I’ve been reading up on trying to see if i can install. Games on a shared ntfs drive as this would be efficient way to dualboot w10 pro with say Manjaro