Pimax 4k Software Wish List


Hey Luke another method that is available on windows. Is like linux you can mount a hard drive in an empty folder instead of assigning a drive letter.


Interesting. Never tried that one.


When will this feature be added to Piplay?


Awesome question!

I would guess we might see this as early as 2.0


It makes no sense to guess, we are waiting for a response from the support.


…and sharpening.
You can see the difference in VorpX, cranking up sharpening makes a difference


Request: Pimax mode to run Unreal Engine games
Reason:Making PIMAX unique

I have played most currently available games in real 3D using either Nvidia 3D or TriDef
I came to realize that when using TriDef I could play many games using the same profile as long as those games had been using the unreal engine and DX9
So basically there would just have to be a PIMAX mode to run an installed game that uses the unreal engine.
I do not understand why it would be too complicated to have our PIMAX offer a mode to display those two images on the HMD like TriDef does on a computer screen…


Awesome idea! Though to add a sbs injector may take a bit to implement. But your right other then mobile phone aps with server on pc offer “VRing” non VR games without seperate injector.


would like to see a fix for using extension cables. My computer is approx 3-4M from where I want to watch movies and play. Like many others the video mode, the Pimax mode does not. I wonder if it is the tiny hdmi/usb cable they use or the software as suggested.


Generally usb. Doesn’t offer much power (why some external dvd & external 2.5" hd) have a double usb plug;vthe one is simply xtra power connector.

Now i don’t know how well they work but you can get active extention cables. I have one somewhere for usb that uses network cable as an extention


For the pimax I made a custom breakout cable using a 15 ft active usb cable, a 15 ft hdmi, and a hdmi repeater. Costs around 30 usd, but gives the extra length you need.

Anyway, if you need further help, please open another thread or look around the forums, I’m sure someone else has touched on this.


Hmm. An Unreal engine sbs injector would be nice, though I’m not sure all games would incorporate full head controls. The pitch and the yaw could be mapped to the mouse movement, but the roll is what my be an issue. I don’t know enough about injectors to say what is or isn’t possible.

This sounds pretty similar to (7), but if it is very different, please explain so and I will add it. Thanks for the suggestion!

To everyone else… what do you all think about adding a mouse emulation mode in Piplay directly? Non-Vr games would benefit greatly, and anything in extended mode would be better suited with a mouse mode. If combined with (2), (3), and (7), practically any non-vr game would be truly playable with the Pimax 4k. This would be yet another feature to entice people to pick up a Pimax headset!

@xunshu, @PIMAX-Support, could you perhaps make a quick reply stating which numbers are being implemented or considered? I’d like to add a ‘status’ to each number. For instance, you addressed a few already, so for those I might tag with Addressed, and for other Wish List features, I’d like to add Work in Progress or Expected Next Release or something of the sort, that way everyone can be involved when needed. More importantly, we can be patient when needed! Thanks!


There is an awesome example in the PIMAX game section.
“Affected” gives an immersive gaming experience and shows how “mouse look” and head movement can be combined.
I also tried “Serious Sam” VR on Steam:
The PIMAX 4K is perfect without the need for any movement controllers or positional tracking ESPECIALLY with fast paced FPS games. - No motion sickness at all.
Games using roomscale with Rift or Vive are far less fun to play while standing in a room simply because the player has to “teleport” instead of being able to move around in the game by using “locomotion”
In multiplayer combat I was able to outperform all rift, vive and ps4 gamers simply because they had to teleport and they had to use motion controllers instead of fast and accurate mouse aim.

A specific unreal engine support would have the advantage of needing only one “setup” (gaming profile)
I realised, that all unreal engine games work fine in TriDef 3D using only the one game profile designed to run “Unreal”
A general sbs support of course would be more desirable but assumingly more difficult to develope.
Other sbs vr injectors like Vireio Perception and VorpX all need to have special configs for each single game and also need those games to be launched with Steam.
An ureal engine injector would be able to launch every installed UE DX9 game just with “Piplay” and no need for an active internet connection, no need for an account on Steam and most certainly would not need any Rift or Vive support either and also would give immediate access to many AAA titles that currently can not be played on Rift, Vive nor the PS4 VR hence making the PIMAX 4K the first choice product for all gamers who want to experience their already purchased and favorised UE games in VR


Sounds great, but it also might be out of their range. Vorpx does this already too, basically. I would prefer it too if the software was all free but the payment motivates people. Vorpx works well and has a lot of work done already, I can’t see Pimax taking this up for relatively little financial gain.


Agreed and imo as long as its reasonable like things like drvr4vr; i say support with purchase. The same for those who offer free; donate if you like the program.


Pimax 4K Progress Report 17th July

  • We had a meeting with Robin and the management team this morning to review Pimax 4K Software Wish List, and summarized the progress to report here. We plan to repeat this every week.
  • We plan to involve engineers in the conversation about prioritized issues. To discuss in details, let’s open new topics and refer back to the issues listed here. e.g. Wish List _ (1) _ Image Quality & Frame Rate
    you are welcome to start topics, just make sure to keep our conversation about each issue in one place.

Here is the progress report for this week:
(1) Use of Steam Renderer -> Improve image quality and frame rate
Status: Work in Progress
Details: Steam is the main VR content platform for us, and improving image quality/frame rate is the top priority. for anyone that would like to help solve this issue, please report your computer configurations on the topic Wish List _ (1) _ Image Quality & Frame Rate Our engineers will discuss with you there.
We believe there are rooms to improve image quality and the frame rate in New PiPlay versions.

(2) Gyroscope Calibration
Status: Work in Progress
Details: The team is working on Geomagnetic calibration.

(3) Recentering HotKey
Status: Work in Progress
Details: We are considering to redefine a key on 4K headset for recentering.
discussion-Gyroscope variations/drift

(4) External Data Input
Status: Work in Progress
Details: We plan to open Extend SDK for you to customize positional tracking. For any other source you hope we open to the community, you may leave your comments on the topic Wish List _ (4) _ Open Extend SDK

(5) Full Nolo Vr Support
Status: Work in Progress
Details: We work closely with Nolo team and keep improving Nolo tracking in new PiPlay. Drop your comments about Nolo here: PiPlay for Nolo
could add more tracking solutions with open source [ point (4) ]

(6) Display Control Panel
Status: Considered

(7) Side-By-Side Feature for Extended Mode
Status: Considered

(8) Custom Steam Installation Directory
Status: Considered

CV1 upgrade to Pimax 4K + PSMove / Kinect positional tracking
2-hour Lasting VR experience: Progress Updates


Wow… Thanks! I’ll update the main post when I get a chance.

Edit: The main post is updated to reflect this information. Thanks @xunshu!


This is a fun one. There are actually software lensing techniques to take an out of focus image and bring it in focus. It uses the fact that all of the light information needed is indeed present in an out of focus image, and processes that. There are algorithms publicly available now that were once in the domain of intelligence services.

(Or you could just ship the right lenses for a particular market)


Contacting VorpX about it might be an option as Vorpx is is mainly run by only one guy who might be interested in gaining a lot of new customers. He doesnt offer trail versions yet, maybe he would release one for Pimax owners…:smirk: