Pimax 4k Software Wish List


I added feature (5.1) to address the ceiling mount feature for nolo. In fact I think for everyone, it would be better if we could have it set at any angle and height. That might be (5.2) or something, I don’t know yet.


thats good news … many thanks!

can you also comment on the next weekly post about the multi version installation of piplay, so we can test multiple versions on the same machine with a version switcher of some kind?




Which active extension cables did you use? I find that my Pimax ser 102XXXX can use regular extension cables, However, My Pimax Serial 100XXX apparently needs some kind of help. It works in 1920x1080 mode but not in 4k mode.


5 meters with a resolution of 2.5k (2 cables per 2 meters and a pimax cable 3 meters) of
a total length with a simple adapter without problems.
6 meters (3x3) with an adapter begin with problems with colors.



USB 5 meter active cable:

HDMI repeater:

HDMI 15 feet cable:


@xunshu @PIMAX-Support
Very much interested in the point (2) Gyroscope Calibration
When the software (or at least a test version) appears with correction,
since my headset flatly refuses to work with version 1.1.92 and in the
latest version of the piplay there is a drift that does not allow the
use of the headset.


@xunshu @PIMAX-Support
aside from geomagnetical calibration, any chance of you introducing a screen tilt setting for all those suffering from tilted image?


Pimax 4K Progress Report 24th July (Edited on 27th)

  1. Improve image quality and frame rate
    Status: Work in Progress
    EDIT Pimax renderer is for better compatibility with content and accessories, and we believe there are rooms to improve image quality and refresh rate with new PiPlay versions. We will release a new PiPlay version this week and move on to the next iteration based on your feedback.

  2. Gyroscope Calibration
    Status: Work in Progress
    EDIT we are testing the feature & will get back to you with updates next week.

  3. Recentering HotKey
    Status: Work in Progress
    Details: We plan to include the hotkey in the next iteration.

  4. External Data Input
    Status: Open Project
    Details: Programmers, it would be awesome if you can write your own PiPlay with the 3rd party tracking and share with your fellows. Pimax SDK

  5. Full Nolo Vr Support
    Status: Solved
    Details: please download the instruction HERE to use Nolo with the old PiPlay v1.1.92.

5.1) Nolo Vr Ceiling Mount Support
Status: Solved
Details: Here are some Nolo ceiling mount tests for your reference.
We do not recommend the solution as there are potential hazards. e.g. Nolo drop

  1. Display Control Panel
    Status: Considered
    Details: We will consider the feature in the following iterations.

  2. Side-By-Side Feature for Extended Mode
    Status: Considered
    EDIT It sounds great to play non-vr games in VR headset, we need to evaluate the scope of work though. Would you share the non-vr games that you want to play in VR?

  3. Custom Steam Installation Directory
    Status: Considered
    EDIT We need more case studies to learn the issue and figure out a solution, please contact support if you have difficulty launching Steam.

  4. Pimax Mouse Mode
    Status: Considered
    EDIT the next step is to include mouse mode in PiPlay Home on Aug/Sep, so you can pick and download games with head movement.

CV1 upgrade to Pimax 4K + PSMove / Kinect positional tracking
Shocking Drift and Horizon Level 3 degrees out of alignment

I will be very
pleased if the calibration will help in the new pipel and then most
likely it will be possible to forget about 1.1.92


Please consider the mouse emulation with the headtracking movement in Video Mode, not everybody use Steam VR for playing games, at least make it compatible with Opentrack PLEASE.

Thank you


Thanks for the update! I’ll update the main post in a bit, except for numbers (5.), (5.1), (7), (8), for quite a few reasons.

For numbers (5) and (5.1), can someone verify that the Ceiling Mount is truly supported for all versions of Piplay, or are they just saying this just because they can? I don’t want to update the main post until I’m sure that the NoloVr System works as asked.

Wish List feature (7) isn’t just a solution for non-vr games. I was quite specific… it is an option in Piplay to display an image in a side-by-side format. If you say Virtual Desktop is the recommended solution, then another could say that Open Track mouse mode would be the mouse solution for the Pimax 4k. The problem with both is the limited capability, the lack of true functionality, and the dependency on third party programs just to get something ‘similar’ to what we’re looking for. Oh, let’s not forget that virtual desktop is a paid program…

I’m not looking for a theater mode of sorts for the Pimax, and I’m not looking to use the Pimax as a second monitor for gaming. For movies, sure. Both Vr and Non-Vr I’d like my head to move the camera (typically the mouse) and bind controls as I see fit.

For Racing and flight simulators, you can’t honestly say “We recommend Virtual Desktop” and expect that to be sufficient, do you? Also, virtual desktop and other programs like require SteamVr to be running, which means more resources are being wasted just to even watch a game in theater mode… not in a simulated vr mode.

For number (8), absolutely not. I can’t download steam in the default location for several reasons. It can’t honestly be that hard to add a ‘Steam Directory’ option, can it? And what about those who have to reinstall steamVR just because it is on a different drive? Not everyone has the fastest internet. Please reconsider this, as this is not a solution as it is Pimax saying “we don’t want to put the option in”. Come on guys, this seems incredibly lazy.

And lastly, for number (9)… your details do not justify not implementing it. We’re not talking about game compatibility, we’re simply asking for and option for Pimax yaw and pitch movement to output to mouse x and y movement. This has a million different benefits, such as being able to use windows with the pimax, playing older fps games, head movement in simulator style games, and more. Contact partners… wait what? I don’t see how this relates to adding a simple feature in or not… perhaps you misunderstood the feature request?

Aside from all of that, I’m adding a Number (5.2) about the Nolo system. There really should be a way to set what height/angle the nolo base station is.

@xunshu, I really do appreciate the work being done and the considerations made, but I don’t think we’re quite on the same page as to what each feature is and why its requested.

@grzvs, Opentrack does support Pimax 4k input but it is rather unusable between the constant drift and lack of fluid 360 degree turning.


I agree. Now i do remember how to use Path enviroment variable. Simply add steam directory here & any program in theory should find steam.

But for novices who use an ssdd for OS & seperate drive(s) for programs & games having an option to “point” piplay in the right direction is needed.

Some will even install piplay on seperate drives other than main drive where OS is located.


I just updated, though I realize I need to edit (1), because Pimax equates improving their current engine with allowing the option to use the Steam render engine… two different ideas, so I will mention something in the comments.

@xunshu, can we get a answer for feature (1)? I’ve noticed that nothing has been said about the option to switch between the steam and Pimax renderers, but only about the improvement to your own. I made a comment about it in the main post.


Hi CryCoh, how do you make Opentrack works with Pimax 4k in Piplay Video mode??? I can use Opentrack in Piplay Pimax mode through Steam VR.



Read the second post. I did this with v1.1.92. If you need more information, private message me and I’ll help however I can, otherwise search to forums.


@xunshu, this was mentioned back in June 16 when a topic was opened about mouse support. So, are there any plans for mouse emulation for Piplay?


Thanks for reply, Headtracking detection with Opentrack in the lastest Piplay 1.2.91 does not work for me, with the piplay version that you mention (1.1.92) I can make it work. Did you try Opentrack with the lastest Piplay version ??


@xunshu please consider two different color on each + signs on IPD adjustment screen. Blue-yellow for example. Someboody mentioned it earlier, it would be helpful to adjust IPD correctly.


Agreed. Green on green ain’t wright. Lol


Thanks @CryCoh for highlighting the requests. Details of (1) (7) (8) (9) edited.

Do not hesitate to let us know if you have any idea to improve PiPlay. Leave your comments on the topic, we will collect the new requests and report to you next Monday.