Pimax 4k Software Wish List


Looks good though Ipd ctoss blue 4 left eye & yellow for right eye please.

& status on ghosting? Render looks great but need ghosting fixed up.


I think (7) would needs its own discussion thread for users to post games they would like Sbs image support with.Thanks for the update!


@xunshu Are you guys tracking native 4k support here as well? There seems to be some progress in support for DSC with Displayport 1.4.


The Pimax 4k doesn’t support native 4k, and likely never will. Its been discussed over and over on the forums, that’s why it isn’t even added to the wishlist.


it is limit of the HDMI 1.4 port [ which cannot support 60Hz 4K, only up to 30Hz 4K ] so not a SW issue.


Its a combo. While yes 1.4 hdmi supports 4k@30hz. It could support 4k @60hz compressed. However only Arm has this support of that compression (i think its dsc?)

The new Display port standard does support this compression. @sjefdeklerk mentioned this a few weeks back and had put forth the question to the PiMax team if the new DP with hdmi adapter could make 4k@60hz compressed work. From what I recall the answer was silent.

However unless the new DP is a soft upgrade; we’d all need a new GPU. Grrrrr lol

First gen 4k TVs had to up convert content due to hdmi 1.4 limits.

So @jjvvgg is simply asking support the question again. It might be we will need to wait til the new DP standard arrives.

The DSC has been an issue that Nvidia & Amd gpus currently don’t support it.

The other issue is can the headset be made to work off DP with Hdmi adapter? Most of what i have read; headsets prefer native ports.


Exactly, as I played CV1 with low res and huge SDE, and have now 2.5K upscaled to 4K - think that this is the BEST possible solution still for 2017/2018 [ also due to GPU limits - already playing at incredible display quality, which still GTX1080 - can hardly handle - come on 60-90FPS on native 4K on PC2, or DCS ? impossible, so what play Luckys Tale all the time ?! ] - I really don`t need a native 4K for gaming [ or 2 * 4K ], at least for next 1-2 year.

If I would consider only watching movies, then still is OK, who watches native 4K in 3D - which are also not popular and could weight 50GB each ? it is OK as is, only @pimax should work a little more on improvement in render, minimalize ghosting [ + add even old steamVR render as option available ], some gyro calibration/resets


I agree tbh even Fhd(2k 1080p) looks great up converted. But the dsc is what PiMax was trying to get Nvidia & Amd to support (hard to believe ARM is ahead if them lol)

But as for can current gen cards push it? I would say yes as Pi Render X target resolution( I find 1.5 - 2.0). But then you may need Anti Aliasing to get Native 4k rendered. At present we render higher to get better quality image by Down sampling to 2.5k then interpolate to 4k. Which produces an amazing picture. Of which without doing an in depth comparisons. The mass majority will not see a real difference as it would require far too much concentration. Now a very small percentage will actually see the difference without being told there is.

As the old 1980’s Laundry detergent said “I can’t see the difference; can you?” -why pay more.

Movie/video wise? Unless its a 360/180 video; you will not have 4k like watching a 4k monitor. As Regular/3d video is often presented on a screen in an enviroment. & the 4k native is split between 2 eyes in a vr headset.

Per Eye resolution is “what you see”
Both eyes added together = Gpu muscle req to deliver per eye. (now 200°+ will be different as less binocular overlap)

But I agree atm 1) Ghosting 2) Gyro calibration/stability.

4k native? Wait til new DP standard comes out & stable(3-6 months after released) or wait for PiMax 4k Extreme v2.0 that will maybe support oled/DP/Usb3.x/Man Focus!ipd (say made for 20/20 with 1.5mm +/- in/out) USB3.x micro plugs for accesories

& maybe enthusiast friendly for future PiMax hrdware upgrades :v::smirk::+1::sparkles:


Only what we need is OLED or IPS >800PPI display. Even if it is native 2560x1440 resolution with 800PPI will be no SDE. as well without ghosting and more vivid colors. That is the major issue for Pimax now.


It’s a shame that they postponed the term.
I hope that the update will completely eliminate the drift.


Ah, thanks for pointing that out. The main post is updated.

I’m hoping as well!


Does anyone know the various codes that can be used in the debug menu? Now that it’s in English, we only need to know what to put in for various changes. I remember someone put the codes for changing brightness some time ago. I personally want to completely shut off the gyros. I do not need them for movie viewing. The setting in the new Pimax Software does not work on my P1. The headset gets reset but there is no change to the setting. This is currently my only gripe with the pimax but it is frustrating. The BE version is much better as far as drift, it still is there just very slow. The codes would be a great help for those of us that want to change some of the settings.


@sjefdeklerk might know a code or might need @PIMAX-Support to look into it.

I haven’t experimented but i beleive Video Mode gyro should be off.


thats true but I want to run pimax mode so I can use Virtual desktop, or bigscreen. videomode only lets me use kodi, which i haven’t taken the time to configure.


Cool. So turn off sensor not working on the serial 100 (4k)?

If so @PIMAX-Support


that is correct. I reached out to support, they wanted to do a Teamviewer session which I have not had time for yet. I’ll contact them to set a time.


I know its crazy idea but, could @pimax-support develop a unique emulation software which would do the split screen (SBS) for PC games, however, it would only need a single screen render instead of rendering the game twice due to split mode?

As conceptional solution… one side rendered, 2nd side mirrored via a video based format (sort of local streaming).


Feature: AndroPAD
Details: Pimax in-house Android emulator which allows playing Android games on PC in SBS mode with PIMAX 4K glasses.


That sounds a lot like feature (7).

About the android feature, that sounds a little far fetched, mostly because you are asking them to create an emulator. Piplay is geared towards pc vr gaming.


Yep accidentally liked post lol