Pimax 4k Software Wish List


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I think mine is a 4k model, and I can turn off the gyro.


Feature: FREE Full Body Motion Tracking Using WEBCAM
Solution is available via software / SDK:

Your engineering team could use this sdk to make laptops webcam into full body motion tracking without any special hardware!!!

You could do a real breakthrough, be first VR headset allowing full body motion tracking with simple webcam either built in or USB one!

Extreme Reality is the first, and only software based solution that enables ANY PC or Smart device to instantly analyze a person in 3D and recognize their movements, bringing motion technology to life

With our revolutionary technology, no hardware or complex installations are required and the resources invested are minimal. Now, many different domains can bring gesture-based interaction to users. Any new or existing touch or controller based programs can be activated by motion, adding an exciting new twist. For the very first time everyone has the ability to easily access motion technology and reap the benefits of it in their domain.
Offered as a software development kit (SDK) and with 26 patents granted worldwide, the company’s Extreme Motion product enables developers to create a wide range of experiences (applications, games, security solutions and more) that pioneer Natural User Interfaces (NUI) while breaking the physical barriers of current hardware-based technologies.


Okay your cam based tracking soumds interesting wonder if you could build an Arma III interface as it uses alot of stances & such. Do you have an option for steam?


@Heliosurge its not my technology, I only shared the develper’s web site so PIMAX 4K could work with them to make full integration for PIMAX 4K which dont have any body motion tracking device with it. But since XTR3D offer SDK I guess anyone can do anything with it.

Email: info@XTR3D.com


Fair enough. Have you tried the technology or mainly doing as they say reading research?

Mainly curious on your thoughts especially if you’ve experienced it. As with anything can be made to look good.


To be honest, I didn’t had chance to try it, but I did watch few videos and real time demonstrations which shows it does has great potential for what we need as VR Gamers for full body motion tracking.

What I suggest, you can ask them for information and SDK:

Head of algorithm engineer:

Senior Software Engineer:

One more vid I found:

This would highlight some doubts!


Definitely imo looks good to look into. Thanks for the links.


I will put it this way…if PIMAX will work with them and it will allow PIMAX offer its users full body motion tracking experience with a simple webcam or even USB camera…it’s a huge step forward and big money saver for all clients :slight_smile: @PimaxSWD @xunshu


SBS on any game using PIPLAY? Anyone tried to run this one for PIMAX 4K SBS gaming?

@PIMAX-Support @xunshu maybe you could implement this open source feature into the next piplay to allow SBS gaming on any PC game?

2nd thought, would it be possible make SBS gaming without actually a need of rendering two times the game? I was reading this online:
“Z-buffer” mode or “depth buffer mode”. Tridef 3D calls this mode “PowerVR”. With Z-buffer the scene is rendered along with the depth of the objects in the scene. The depth number of the object determines the offset of that particular object in each of the left and right views. You can think of it as the distance between the same object in the left and right views. However the left and right views are using the same pixels in the scene. This results in not having to render the scene twice like in geometry mode and so there’s a bandwidth savings. Z-buffer can have some odd effects because the true 3D content isn’t actually available. The most noticeable effect is that objects can appear flat but at varying depths. This makes sense based on how Z-buffer mode works. The major benefit of Z-buffer mode is a much higher frame rate.


Side by side mode for extended or video mode would be awesome…it basically means that your game will be focusing all of the GPU resources to the PIMAX rather than desktop & PIMAX which results in much better image quality!!! Awesome!!! I love how much better my Dirt Rally looks with Pimax in Extended mode…much, much better.


@xunshu, any updates?


Since I already have a third party software to play games in extended mode I am playing games like Dirt Rally, Grid Autosport,Need for Speed Shift 2, and I will definitely use it for Forza Motorsport 7 once it’s available in PC version. But it is also good for me in Elder Scrolls online. Even though I don’t really play them I’d be willing to bet they would be great for FPS games like COD


Please direct discussion about features in the respective discussion links, as this page is for wish list suggestions primarily.


9) Pimax Mouse ModeStatus: ConsideredDetails: EDIT the next step is to include mouse mode in PiPlay Home on Aug/Sep, so you can pick and download games with head movement.

We are almost finishing August, do you have some news about it ??? It is really important that you support it specially in video mode.

Thank you.


according to product manager, we will launch the function on mid-Sep.


Here is a suggestion for the 8k. Will you make it fully compatible with any kind of controller we choose to use? I know you do not know anything about controllers beyond the upcoming Knuckles, but how about being able to use xbox, PS4, Steam, Nolo, Keyboard & Mouse, and any other kind of controllers in use? I realize you will have your own controllers that ship with it but if they don’t work in Steam, Windows 10, 3d browsers, or other Software the user base will suffer. Pimax 4k’s mots glaring flaw is the lack of native controller support.


Hey. PiMax does support whatever controller Windows support. Its on the content providers whether the game/app supports a controller otherwise.

Now the 8k controller will neec to have steam support minimally on top of its own content platform.


Perhaps what is needed, at least for me, is some kind of tutorial or instructions on how to get anything to work in pimax. I guess I’m spoiled with the vive. I don’t have to do anything to make it work. Just fire up steam and pick up whatever controller i want and just use it. The only exception to this is using the beta steam home environment. Only the Vive controller works there. I don’t own a steam controller so I can’t address that.

With Pimax the vive controllers do not work all, understandably, but I cannot get any other controllers to work unless I first fire up steam and use the steam drivers. I have Driver4VR and it starts up too but i do not think it is working for xbox 360 controllers. I have not tried using the KInect but I understand it works as well as the Leap controllers after being trained in driver4vr.

I think for widespread adoption Pimax would do well to make using the headset as painless as possible. All other headsets available now except perhaps the OSVR or other “open source” (experimental) headsets just work with minimal effort after initial setup. Pimax in my experience needs to be set up every time i use it. Even simply watching a movie is a frustrating experience. I spent an hour yesterday just trying to get the pimax to display a movie. ended up having to use virtual desktop after a reboot to do it.

I really like the pimax. I love no SDE for movies. That is primarily why I bought it but to do anything else with it seems to be an exercise in frustration for me.