Pimax 4k Software Wish List


I absolutely agree with you. If their new headsets base stations can work with Vives wands and knuckles it will be a winner. They say they their trying to make it as expandable as possible so hopefully it will work. They need to concentrate on making the best headset


Like I said the PiMax headset will support any game controller you can use outside of steam in PiPlay Content.

Inside of Steam it is what steam supports. You should be able to use controllers supported by steam. Now i would reccommend disabling steamvr home.

If you have an Xbox or xbox compatiable controller (logitech controller for example) any program that supports a game pad should work.

The Vive/valve controller by the sounds of it is unfortunate that they made it vive only (by what you said) is terrible on valve side.

The Valve knuckles tho in theory should work with any headset.

As for video. If regular & 3d vid etc. Check steam store there are several free & paid players.

Video 4 vive is reported as a good free one.

Alternatively you can add any program to yout steam library & launch it then from steamvr in theater mode.


Needs a Hot key to switch between Pimax and video mode so you don’t have to put the HMD on and try and switch it back with the mouse. Shft + Alt + X or something


3D “Over Under” in “Video” mode, so we can choose between “SBS” and “OU” in 3D games.


Could you add a “screen saver” mode when the device is not used? So everything turns black?
The constant display of the white Pimax Logo on the back star background is not good for the LEDs.


This should not be needed as the screen should turn off when not in use due to nothing in front of the face sensor.

Or you could just hold and press the power button to turn it off


Mirror in “Video” mode.
I miss a mirror that shows on the secondary monitor what I’m seeing in the HDM. Something similar to what is offered in Virtual Desktop or Steam VR.


For any who stumble across the Wish list, you may notice how out dated it is. Funny thing is now that I have free time, it won’t let me edit the initial post. I’m not really sure what to do though.


Give it a try again. Otherwise may @PIMAX-Support to look into why its not letting you edit.


It might because I let it go for so long, but the edit icon isn’t even there right now.

@Pimax-Support, is there a way to enable editing of the initial post? Its pretty outdated.

@xunshu, can we get a quick recap/update as to the current status of the wishlist items?


Sure, I’ll inform product manager about this, but we may have to wait until Monday.


Add this to your list, real 1440p for intel gpus. I recognized that you guys don’t recommend integrated cards but there are actually quite a few people out there with optimus based laptops that are capable of 60hz @ 1440p comfortably. I for example am running a 980m with an intel integrated card the hd4600. From windows options I can select and set my resolution to 1440p without fail. However when piplay tries to, it simply fails and stays at 1080p. Fix it or I may have to wait til I get a new computer before I will buy the 8k.


A little demanding there, no?

Its not just about resolution. Vr gaming in general requires rather powerful gpus. Are you looking for a video watching experience or the full SteamVR experience?

I don’t think a 980m will fair too well at 1440p in Vr, honestly.


It’s not stock. I’ve got the core and memory safely oc’d to 980 desktop levels in my custom cooled clevo :]. And no not exactly, especially when you consider how many laptop makers still use mux-less setups.

There are plenty of 1060/1070 laptops that are mux-less and would stand to be limited the way things currently are.

3rd Edit: without the overclock, I used to vr game at 1440p with galaxy s7 edge and my wearality sky. 60 fps running doom 2016 (no aliasing)on ultra brother. It was really pretty. Truthfully their software should function like riftcat and let the user decide their default settings based on config. I think the engineering team may be cheaping out here in deciding that igpus wont do because they’re igpus. When in fact their are powerful igpu based configs like mine.


I really hate to break this too you but intel igpus are not comparable in truth to Nvidia & Amd gpus. Even intel’s top igpu are they still called Iris? Is not good enough for gaming.

Now Amd’s next gen ryzen am4 Apus -might- be strong enough for some vr support & will work better than intel in terms of gaming performance as the graphical libraries are more in line with their gpus.

Using Riftcat, Trinus, Kinoconsole etc to use your Android phone is not the same as a real vr hmd connected by hdmi/dp. These android aps use usb tethering/wireless which limits bandwidth & creates more latancy. Yes it can look pretty as the android os with the ap will attempt ti smooth graphics. Why phones get toasty. The made 4 pc headset will yield better performance & quality than a phone headset.

To put it in a nutshell rift/vive do not support intel igpu either.


I hear ya but a couple things. You are missing the part where I said I am using an optimus or a muxless setup. That implies I am using an intel gpu and an nvidia gpu. With this type of setup the intel gpu is always connected to your monitors thus it is always the frame buffer however your dedicated gpu still performs all of the complex computations. In my case my dedicated gpu is a little better than a stock desktop 980. On paper this is more than enough for the current vr applications but oculus and vive have their headsets running at 90 hertz native and this is the crux of their issue. Intel gpus even just as frame buffers can’t output more than 60hz. So the pimax was a god send for me originally because your headset doesn’t need more than 60hz. My current gpu combo has no problem running modern games at 1440p with a solid framerate. It’s simply your software team telling my pc to only render 1080p because it has an intel gpu. The app isn’t taking into account that I have two gpus in optimus.

So in short I have both an integrated intel gpu and a decent nvidia gpu. I cannot turn off the intel gpu because it is muxless… However my computer can still do 1440p with nice performance and I can select this resolution in the display settings no issue. Piplay however will just reset me back to 1080p… Also I’m not the only user who will have this problem. Once again, anyone with a 1070/1080 and an intel hd gpu will have the exact same issues most likely. Sadly laptop motherboard makers for the most part will cheap out and make their boards muxless. Meaning that there is no way to shut off the intel gpu. Since 45 to 60 hz is really all that’s needed though we don’t need to turn off the intel frame buffer.


Here are a couple of Articles i reccommend checking out. The first tells you if your Optimus laptop can do vr. From my quick skim requires that you must be able to configure the nvidia to be able to bypass the intel gpu to access the hdmi port directly.


Exactly, but you know why that is right? Because the developers of the sdk dropped extended support due to it not being able to transcend 60hz when using an integrated chips frame buffer. Your headset doesn’t go above 60hz in reality so there is no reason for YOUR product to have this limitation.


So then your refering to the 4k model gotcha.

The 4k is bound to 60hz the 5k/8k 75 to 90 per panel. Like the Vive/rift.

Now yes on the 4k model you can run video mode (aka extend)


Right, but there’s no point in restricting 1440p to video mode. I can get around your software’s limitations and force the 1440p in pimax mode anyway and it works beautifully on my machine even with vorpx. There are computers like mine that can run games in extended mode at 1440p 60hz. No problem. I just don’t like using a bunch of hacks to hop into a game at my preferred visual fidelity and I don’t think anyone that spends 350 bucks should have to.

Sad thing is that your average laptop user even with pascal gpus will have to use these work arounds to see 1440p input because direct mode will be unavailable on any muxless laptop.