Pimax 4k Software Wish List


The 4k headset works default in 1440p in PiMax Mode unless you are low spec mode or have chosen 1080p. If in Low spec mode you can enable full mode.

1440p is available in both modes. So not sure why your needing to use hacks & such.

Also consider exploring Revive as @Enopho has used this to inject vr into games like dying light.

I think this is why some maybe all alienware laptops disable intel igpu support.

I do apologize if i am missing something; its almost 2am here… Been a long hot day.


That’s the issue. Pimax mode doesn’t actually properly set 1440p so I am forced to use a hack. I can provide screenshots. It seems like my intel gpu thinks it’s 1440p input from the intel control panel but dxdiag and windows only report 1080p. That is until I change it to 1440p in windows display settings. Then it reports 1440p everywhere. Even using the “create system report” command in steam vr. Piplay however likes to reset me back to 1080p for whatever reason and it only does so in pimax mode. Not video mode. Forcing me to use hacks. This leads me to thinks a fews things, piplay is using a different method than windows to set resolution and it’s thinking my dedicated gpu is the frame buffer rather than the intel gpu, or it’s detecting the intel gpu and automatically defaulting 1080p no matter what I select kinda like how apple makes choices for their customers -.-.


Check settings in Piplay you might have to select full mode each time then as when it loads reading your intel igpu might be initializing piplay in low spec mode. If i am reading you right.

@PIMAX-Support can you maybe see if Vort3k would be willing to maybe setup a teamview session? & see if the engineers can resolve this in next release?


That’s the thing, that command resets the hmd connection every time you toggle it on or off. In my case it stays as 1080p in every report except the intel control panel. Whether I toggle the switch on or off. I can use windows to correct my resolution though.

Your team was super helpful last time so I would be more than welcome to have them take a crack at this.


I agree considering you can do a work around to force it. Should be a matter of comparing notes with support. Teamviewer might not be needed but on the other hand is likely to be an asset on top of your feedback to remedy a fix perhaps in the next release possibly.


I had this exact same thinking not to mention I know this will affect a lot of laptop users and a big part of your success in execution of the 5k/8k will be compatibility of course. However, based on what you’re saying right now I should stick with the 4k on this config because my muxless setup can’t do 75hz+. No matter how much gpu power I have. 60hz is the intel frame buffer limit. With muxless you can’t get around that. Try it and you’ll just get a black screen. The signal travels from the igpu 100% of the time. The nvidia or amd card is basically a glorified calculator.

@xunshu @PIMAX-Support


I added a few pokes as they can answer your question on the 5k/8k question regarding your laptop.


To summerise the question: Pimax mode doesn’t properly set for 1440p. PiPlay always reset us back to 1080P.

We have informed the product team to check out the issue and get back to you.


Dear Vort3k, we are checking the issues, need about 2hours,will update later


Thanks @Heliosurge

Hi, please send ID & Password of Teamviewer software to support@pimaxvr.com or pm Pimax-support in forum, one of our engineers will join us.


Correct! And I have just finished playing dying light at ultra settings 1440p with an average of 58 fps with a work around I found. So as you can see it’s not my configuration. It’s the software with limitations or an issue.


I haven’t read everything, but is it possible to make a multible language selection like at PiPlay 1.x?

@Pimax-Support @xunshu @bacon


Yes,right now we support user to select language. you can select language when you install and also by the setting menu.


The game is really very nice and amazing to play.


Plug & Play Like a monitor, mouse, joystick; with no other additional software as for example JAVA. Only the driver [on Windows 10] that are compatible with Unreal, Unity, Steam.


I haven’t read the complete topic yet, but is it possible to use PiPlay without removing the headset like in SteamVR, who can be used with the HMD on the head?


If you mean PiHome? Atm unfortunately not to my knowledge.


So I ask:
Why not?
And What is the difference between PiPlay and PiHome?


Just Piplay’s name now for the interface. My bad.


I really would like to be able to set a horizon pitch, to allow for seated VR experience in racing chairs in a reclined position. This feature would be a game-changer for me, allowing my VR headset to provide me the same amount of useability as my ceiling monitor mount.