Pimax 4K strange IPD center blur


Hello guys ! Just got my new Pimax 4K , I want to say straight this is not my first VR headset, as I have had 3 different brands and models in the past, a Deepon, an Oculus, and still own a PS VR, but this is my first with a LCD panel.

The problem I have seems to involve the IPD calibration; after finding the correct IPD value (even measured mine with a precision centimeter) I was not been able to make it clear in the center of the view, the screen all around is perfectly focused but there is a circular spot in the center that always stays slightly unfocused, even all the area around it, in all four directions is perfectly clear; any ideas why this happens ?

Lastly…ghosting effect…wow…this is my first non OLED headset but I really never imagined it could be so noticeable when moving the headset around, it is really quite evident, hope this will be reduced with future software upgrades and that Pimax works hard not to make the 8K the same ugly ghosting amount :smiley:

Thanks in advance for any advice and suggestions.



The 5k\8k don’t suffer the ghosting like the 4k.

Support said sometime in Apr they will reveal something on the 4k ghosting.

Ipd can be tricky.

What is your ipd?

If you can also post your system setup.

3.x atm from my understanding is a beta release.


Thanks for the hints, my ipd is around 6.5 , looking around in the forum I have read in some other post that it is apparently a common problem with the 4K and since I’m far sighted this could be the reason for the central round circle blur.

My setup is Windows 10 updated to lastest spring cumulative update, i7 , 16Gb Ram , GTX1080 with Nvidia drivers 391.05


@Lillo Pls use this link for downloading


Thanks for the link, downloaded and updated to 3.0 , unfortunately this has not helped in any way about the problems I am experiencing, the exact center of the view is still very blurry, I used various IPD values and tried to check my distance from the headset tightening or losening the bands, even tried using some reading glasses on, but nothing changes…I’m starting to think that I got a unit with bad lens; in fact, after a close careful look I noticed that moving the head, there is always a slightly horizontal dark band, something like a very transparent, barely visible rectangle, right in the center, and everything under it is not focused and blurry.

Who should I contact for a warranty exchange of the unit ?


Hi if you have a Dollarama like store; something that might work is try reading glasses of +1.50 this might neutralize the myopic offset.

If you can take a photo capturing the blur would help.

One user tried reading glasses of +1.50 & reported clearer picture.

Might even be able to use some kind of clip ons.

@LukeB is farsighted & created a mod using a combo of readers + his glasses.

Others found a place that makes clip on lenses in the UK.


Yep, as stated in my last post, I tried some reading glasses, one was +1.50 and the other +2.00 , even tried to recalibrate IPD various times with both but no effect at all…the exact center remains always severely blurred, even if all around the screen it is perfectly focused, even moving the head around, probably bad lenses or assembling of the unit, and the slightly dark band in the affected area makes me wonder even more…


Do you have someone with 20/20 that can try the headset? This would verify if its long sighted or ipd (or combo of both)

EDiT with the reading glasses (if cheap dollar store & metal frame). One user bent the nose peice i think towards face to redirect sight inward for wider ipd.


Is the blurriness in the center affecting both lenses? If you close one eye and move the headset, can you find a sweet spot?

If only other lens have the issue, my guess would be dirt - in either side of the lens. Or faulty lens. Assuming that you have taken the protective film out of both lenses :slight_smile:

If both have problem, try adding reading glasses +1.5 (as before) and try lift/tilt the headset away from the cheeks.

I cannot say that I have had same issue, but I had some dust in the panel when I got my Pimax.


Yes it is visible in both lenses, even looking with individual eyes, the problem is always the same, center spot of the lens is blurry, but everything on the borders is perfectly clear; I don’t think it could be dirt because it is not the same effect that dirty lens give, and…of course lens are with no protective film LOL, it wasn’t even there when I first opened the headset, apart from a plastic removable mask to cover the lenses (very handy btw…)

A close inspection of the lenses shows they are in good condition, no fogginess or scratches whatsoever, only thing I can say is, giving all the headsets I have had until now, they seems a little “flat” and very low quality.


I can confirm also this thing. Better visualization is side of the lenses than in the middle. Many times I need to watch sideways to see better where I’m pointing my cursor (for example if I’m in the Virtual Desktop)

But in the games this issue isn’t so much in my way.
I play and drive a car-simulators as my main thing so…

But yes. The issue is still real. Same here.


Okay the issue isn’t so much on quality as it is a design problem. The headset was designed with short sighted to normal vision.

As a result long sighted ppl like yourself have issues with the headset.

Now @lukeb created a non invasive mod using reading glasses near his prescription. He took them apart & used double sided tape with I beleive the lenses (curved sided) facing him. With this basic mod used with his glasses he has had decent results.

But later to improve further he performed an invasive mod adding i think he said a 1mm or 2mm thick washers to lens holders.

At work atm will see if i can find his tutorials.


Based on an old topic there has been some batch in the past with blurry center issue - confirmed by @Pimax-Support .

I would recommend contacting Pimax (support@pimaxvr.com) to verify that your headset is not from some old batch: Image sharp on the sides but blurry in the center


Good call as this could be the cause. If he can have a friend or family member with 20/20 confirm as the one user there had no sight issues.

I poked Luke since he is farsighted himself.

Myself? I have 20/20 so harder for me to know.


I had the same blurry center issue. This is a new Pimax4K model (white logo). I am short sighted. Using old glasses reduce this effect.

@Pimax-Support @PM_Sean @bacon @xunshu


I added some pokes to your post.

Are you able to capture the blur with a photo?


I have had my Pimax 4K for a year and a half. From the beginning I have had to use 1.5 reading glasses with it. I have perfect 20 20 vision. when I wear the reading glasses it is sharp and clear. I only use it to watch 3D movies and VR videos. I do not play games with it. I have an Oculus Rift for that. I joined the Pimax kickstarter and purchased an 8K. I am hoping when it comes I will no longer need reading glasses. I do not need them for the Oculus Rift.


I bought a pair to try.

The 5k/8k uses the same style of focus as the rift/vive.


Question, is the IPD settable at all? I have a heavy blur in the center too, not there with either eye, but there with both eyes open. I also noticed that by default the desktop image when it appears in the HMD is actually all there, (at least when I move the HMD so as to see around the nose guard/frame, etc) it’s just not aligned. I’ll try getting some 1.5 reading glasses, they have them cheap at the local shop.

I’ve also noticed that I have to look “down” (the same sort of thing as looking down your nose at somebody) in order to bring text into focus. I can see it well enough with a single eye, but that kind of defeats the point. Is there any text files to edit, etc?


I just put 1.5 glass on top of my glasses and no more center blur…Maybe it is more a lens issue than an IPD issue