Pimax 4K strange IPD center blur


Ipd adjustment like gearvr & psvr is a soft setting. The problem with soft ipd is that it relies on ppl’s ipd to be within a certain range. Those outside of that will have bug/cross eye effect.


I presume you are far sighted? @lukeb has to add reading glasses to help improve clarity due to the headset bring made for myopia to 20/20.


It seems a common problem with the 4k lens for farsighted people.

I suggest you try lowering down the IPD all the way to the minimum value with reading glasses on, it has reduced the blurring effect a little for me, tough not eliminating it completely.



the problem is NOT caused by lenses issue [ at production ], or miopia… but with LENS to DISPLAY length - it is too close and you need a simple spacer to fix this.

I 3D printed 1.5mm spacer [ 2mm seems too too much for too short screw ] and put under lens mount and it helped much :slight_smile:
you just need to dissassembly P4K [ a lot of YT videos available, like: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=Cn4OvxV7XpM - 1:33 is where you want to be, also you don`t need to take apart front panel ]:

  1. take off the back foam with plastic holder - gently need to push a little and it should let go [ try not to brake anything and not use too much force ],
  2. remove plastic cover to get inside P4K - around 10-12 screws around,
  3. you should see lenses with 3 screws for each -> just put a spacers = and done.

Nothing else needs to be disassembled.


Thanks pho3nix , after much testing and investigation, and asking Pimax tech support assistance (not much help offered tough…) I knew it was some sort of assembling issue of my unit and NOT my eyesight issue, as I never had any problems with other headsets (currently had four different brands) ; to date I gave up and sent back the unit to the seller asking for a refund, since I have no time to mess and disasseble an headset, voiding its warranty; the guide you linked will surely be much useful to Pimax 4k users who have the same problem.

I only hope that Pimax has learned from this VERY bad choice of lens and not so accurate assembly, and that will make sure future 5k/8k will not incur in the same problems, offering more IPD calibration and distance to screen corrections possible.


I think it closer for miopia. A person with 20\20 the eyes can adjust its focus. But would put strain on eyes somewhat. But for farsighted can’t adjust properly since too close.

But yeah not good.

Just folks who are comfortable with this mod remember to have headset unplugged say for 10m & use the power button to release stored energy to prevent firmware bricking. (Can be reset nut a pain)


They have with the new models. Just the 4k was made more based on demographic of china. Just a big oversight when they chose to sell globally (not hard for this to happen).


Hi there, I just received a 4K delivered from Amazon and it too has the same central focus issue as outlined in this thread. It does seem that if I pull the headset further away from my face it can improve slightly. Rather than modding this, is there an official line from Pimax regarding this problem. Has it been corrected at manufacturing for newer versions?


A simple fix might be to purchase thicker face foam. @jonnypanic i beleive purchased after market face foam for Vive.

All the current 4k models are built with the myopia to 20/20.

Now the foam is attached by velcro. You could remove the face foam & create a gasket spacer with velcro (peel & stick or sewn) & rubber peel & stick rubber weather seal.


Hi I got some spare foam from VRCovers so I’ll try that. So to go into more detail. Playing skyrim for example, distant objects are totally out of focus unless I look through the top portion of the lens. Meaning I have to place the HMD further down my nose for it to start looking correct (even then it’s not perfect). If I avert my gaze away from this focused spot then I lose the clarity.

I am also seeing major ghosting when turning head. TBH Pimax sent this item for me to review but in its current form this would not be favourable. I’d rather not have to use user mods either as this isn’t going to be fair for a review.

I love the clarity and colour of the image which beats the recent GO and Rift for sure so if I can get the focus issue sorted then this does give me great hope for the 8K which I’ve backed. I am wondering how you guys are getting on with these issues?


Ghosting is unfornately an issue with this headset.

@Pimax-Support mentioned some kind of solution but not clear if its a fix for current model or not.

Piplay v3 increases ghosting. Atm best versiin is the previous 2.0.7? (Just before the v3 release)

Are you farsighted by chance?

What is your system specs?

I am surprised (@xunshu ) they would send you one to review without the potenial ghosting fixed in place. Sim games work well as you don’t need to do fast head rotations. Vanishing of Ethan Carter with vr dlc pretty good as well.

One user did report trying reading glasses of +1.5 & said it made picture clearer for him. If you hsve a discount store can be pretty cheap to try.


I think I am the reverse. Nearsighted where distant objects are less focused. Last year I had my eyes tested and had 20/20 vision. since then it has become harder to focus on distant objects. So that’s definitely a symptom of nearsightedness. Is there a way to revert back to the earlier versions? I tried to download the 2.0.7 using the forum link but it failed on Mega. Any other source for this?

Using a GTX 1080Ti, i7 4790K CPU, Windows 10 64 bit etc.


I only found this link. 2.0.5 might be okay as well. Have you checked their main site to see if it has more than one version to download?

With your gpu @Enopho can help with settings as je has a 1080ti as well. I know he has reported the lastest nvidia driver is not best for performance & quality.

With current ghosting it works best for video compared to headset options now available. If they have a solution for this 4k model’s hardware they should release it before having a review performed.

@xunshu @henry.lu @Pimax-Support @PM_Sean


Thanks Helio. I’ve disconnected it for now because I feel I am doing harm to my eyes. This experience has been really weird for a VR vet like myself (Gear VR, PSVR, DK 2, Vive, Rift, Go and now the Pimax 4K under the belt many 100s of hours in VR). I tried Skyrim again but could not get the focus correct. It feels like the top part of the lens should be in the center. No amount of shifting the HMD to my face corrected this issue. So I had to tilt my head downwards and then look up for the image to be in focus. Obviously this is not practical at all.

I am wondering if this is actually a manufacturing issue with this particular headset batch? Is there a way to check its age with the serial number perhaps? Maybe this is simply a defective unit.

If there is some other issue that can be corrected through GPU drivers then I am certainly willing to tinker a little. Hopefully someone can relate to what I have described.

I feel like I am in exactly the same boat as the op Lillo here. Serial number in case this helps - 10071174102708.

I can’t reiterate enough though. Skyrim VR looks fantastic when in focus, so much better than the Rift…incredible. If the Pimax 8K is better than this then wow we are in for a treat.


It is possible that their maybe an issue with the unit you received. I believe usually myopia users have better experience. Checking the box under specs does your myopia fall within the value?

Wearing your glasses or a perhaps readers of -1 to -1.5 might work to improve image focus.

The 5k/8k uses the same focus method of the vive & oculus. The v2 in spite of the known issues of the prototype was still a sweet treat to whats available.

With the pokes in tge above post if a team is around might have a response in 7 to 10hrs. It should be about 1:50am there.


I don’t wear glasses.

“Checking the box under specs does your myopia fall within the value?”

I don’t understand this question?

Yeh hopefully someone from Pimax can chime in here - although the way you go on these forums Heliosurge, maybe they should offer you a job.


In the above it says supports myopia upto 300 degrees.

Not familar but would that be up to -3.00?

Ipd value is often off from actual ipd.


I think there is not much to do with the problem, the Pimax 4K has been engineered with myopic people in mind, like most chinese people are, Pho3nix seems to have had partial success by increasing the lens to panel distance by adding some spacers, not an easy mod for everyone though…


Sorry I don’t know these details. I need to get my eyes tested again as it has been two years since the last test (I think I said last year in my earlier post which is incorrect).


having focus on the top of the lens and not in the center … has been mentioned before, problem was IPD values, trouble is if you move the IPD to make the center of the lens clear you may end up feeling cross eyed and you will have to lower the IPD value which can cause you to be looking towards the tip of your nose.

i find that if you have a high IPD value (above 63) and do not have 20/20 vision, this is an issue for me as well…

I will share piplay drivers and nvidia drivers as @Heliosurge mentioned the latest Nvidia drivers cause micro stutters and the latest 3.x piplay drivers have increased ghosting (admittedly the 3.x drivers are still Beta drivers so i cant complain)

My PC spec is pretty much identical to yours, Aourous GTX1080ti, I7 4790, win10 Enterprise 64bit. 24GB DDR3 memory.
my Nvidia and piplay drivers:

Nvidia drivers : 384.94-desktop-win10-64bit-international-whql
Piplay Drivers: