Pimax 4K strange IPD center blur


Thanks to @Heliosurge @Enopho and @Lillo for helping out!
@RobCram Pimax 4K would be a great option for the flight simulators, the racing simulators, the first-person shooters, videos, and the virtual desktop.
please feel free to let @henry.lu know (email: henry.lu@pimaxvr.com) for any question/thought about the 4K review.


Were these supposed to be linked? Either way, I had no issue with my current driver in terms of performance. But the ghosting was really bad using the latest Piplay beta drivers. Skyrim VR played smoothly, as did Fallout 4 VR (although this was a little dark). I really do not want to screw up my eyesight and as someone else mentioned in another topic the after effects can make your vision a little strange until the eyes correct themselves. I am going to try and get some 1.5 reading glasses as suggested.

For further info my IPD on the Rift is 63-64.


Hi Xunshu,

@Pimax-Support had mentioned that a solution was going to be updated on Ghosting. Support was vague on details but said the team had a solution to eliminate ghosting. @pho3nix had mentioned atw might work as well as ghosting is only during head rotation.


Rob try your ipd with -5 or +5 as the ipd is off. I think @sjefdeklerk has a similar ipd as yourself.

5k/8k will be better as it has mechanical & soft ipd adjustment. The lens to screen focus is better as well.


No, this totally messed up the view causing an unnatural 3D effect. What has improved things is wearing the reading glasses 1.5 as suggested. However, this creates an unusual image warping (fishbowl) effect when turning head (could be the glasses in part) and adds its own problems with comfort. At least this is a big improvement.


Really sounds like my situation. I have no such issues with my Rift, but with Pimax …, until lately.

I have seen in some discussion that some users have started modding device by moving lenses away from the panel - sounds risky. But to me that confirms that lens focal point by default is in wrong place. And there is two ways to fix this. Moving lens and loosing FOV or moving focalpoint by adding additional lenses.

Now I have these: https://www.planet-estelle.com/product/17466851

That solved the issue and will stay in my Pimax 4K for good!


Finally an intelligent solution ! Damn…wish I had found this before sending back my 4K, anyway…I am now convinced that the headset is still plagued from un-optimized software and bugs in Piplay (ghosting, poor SteamVR compatibility, other bugs) and the absence of motion controllers are a too much important missing feature for today; I really doubt Pimax will make any serious effort to fix these, now that they are 100% committed to the new headsets.

I’m way more happy with my Lenovo Explorer now.


This would be a good time for an update on the 4K tracking system, hey @xunshu.

I just upgraded though, so looks like Lenovo Explorer for me too, as soon as I can afford it.


We’re still waiting for the update @Pimax-Support mentioned on the fix they came up on ghosting that was said to come out in April. & @Jiraya37 is still waiting on a response on his support issue.

@henry.lu @xunshu @Pimax-Support @Sean.Huang @bacon @PimaxVR


To clarify the update @Pimax-Support mentioned earlier:

Last month, we have eliminated ghosting in 4K with a new hardware solution in the lab. We will adopt the solution in future products.

Pimax 4K vs WMR

is this hardware modification able to be sent to existing pimax 4k owners? and then they fit the modification themselves? obviously some instructional screenshots would not go a miss :slight_smile:

i would be very keen on trying that mod please



Regarding the ghosting issue, the engineers are utilizing the spare time from 8K project to fix it through software and hardware, we will update you more details in the future…

Pimax 4K vs WMR

Cool. & the fix for current hardware? I ask since both my lg g2 & lg g4 phones are 60hz lcd & have less ghosting.

Also psvr uses ATW & pimax 4k currently isn’t using anything according to unity Chan.


Remember they are a small company with limited resources, I think it would be wiser to leave the 4K out of the equation for now, and let them use all their resources to finalize the 8K :slight_smile:


this fixed the blur for me-


There still selling 4k; so it can affect there reputation & of course current owners who supported them with the purchase.


It would be interesting if Pimax could make a discount scheme for those who already have 4K, returning the old one, paying a very small amount, and getting the new one already with the hardware fix.


I am thinking that overclocking pimax 4k, like overclocking your monitor, will very usful for reducing of ghost.
In fact we can do that under cinema mode only. but there is a risk.