Pimax 4K stuck in second screen mode


Hi… my Unit is stuck in extended mode. and when the pimax is on the main screen flashes every now and then.
Piplay says in the “link page” that both usb and hdmi is connected… but the options page says that it is disconnected.

is there some reg key that will change mode or can i change mode in any other way?

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Would you please share us your PC configuration?

Laptop or Desktop?
Display Card:

For connection issue, please refer to:
Connection Guide:

  1. HDMI cable directly inserted into HDMI port of computer independent graphics card (GPU)
  2. USB cable is inserted directly into the USB port of the computer

    after you insert USB cable, you will find a new HID compliant (e.g. 0483_0021=Pimax 4K)shown in device manager on PC. If can not find this HID device, please check your USB cable connection.

Helmet status:
What color is the LED on the helmet after the connection?
Blue: normal connection state
Green:Please check the HDMI connection
Red: Please check the USB and HDMI connections. Replace the USB port to re plug.


VC: http://piplay-us.pimaxvr.com/VC.exe

make sure VC is fully installed, or you could download th above to fix the installation.

DX fix:http://piplay-us.pimaxvr.com/dx.exe

make sure DirectX is installed correctly, or you could download th above to fix the installation.

Runtime package:http://piplay-us.pimaxvr.com/dll.rar

copy all the files to your piplay folder \Program Files\Pimax\runtime,advice you to do this to fix your broken Connection issue.


When installing Piplay/Pitool1.4, anti-virus software / all kinds of security software must be turned off.:
If the installation is not closed in time, please completely uninstall piplay/Pitool1.4 and reinstall it.
Piplay download address:http://pisetup.pimaxvr.com/PiPlay_Setup_3.0.0.85.exe;Pitool download address: http://piplay-us.pimaxvr.com/PiServiceTool1.4.zip

Display card driver:
please download latest driver:http://www.nvidia.com/Download/index.aspx

connection page should be like below: