Pimax 4K USB HDMI Connected Red X Settings Device Disconnected


Pimax submitted the issue with Amd & i beleive amd was going to resolve. But are slow.


Just wanted to update that the issue returned.

So far I have it working again.

DDU > uninstall AMD Drivers.

Reboot > let windows update grab the AMD drivers, please make sure you have Device Installation Settings set to Yes (This PC > R.Click Properties > Advanced System Settings > hardware tab > Device Installation settings, Yes)

Seems like theres just something wrong with the driver/software packed in the main AMD Driver installer.

Things to note about this work around:

  • NO GAMES work through Pimax
  • Movies works
  • No AMD software so cant set any Wattman or profile settings/ ReLive

So after all this trouble. I find that there is a dead pixel smack dab in the middle of my screen…fml


Have you submitted a support Ticket on main site?


I dont know what you mean?


On Pimax’s Site you can submit an Issue called a Support Ticket.


do you mean https://www.pimaxvr.com/en/support/ ?
I cannot get past the Order Number, purchased from Gearbest. already sent them a support request.
wasted so much time fixing this vega issue, I used up 42 days! of the 45 day warranty.


For the vega issue go back to the amd driver you mentioned here

For the dead pixel will try getting support attention

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Do not let Windows manage your display driver

@Enopho explains in this thread.

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