Pimax 4K vs WMR


I have compared Dell and Lenovo at the same time, but Dell has a smaller fov than Lenovo.
Dell and HP MR headsets have a rugged, luxurious head strap. On the other hand, the Lenovo explorer has a flexible but somewhat fragile head strap. So If you are going to carry it in your bag, I don’t want to recommend the lenovo explorer to you.


Well since I ordered Lenovo due to better visuals and fov plus smaller form factor I will have have to make sure I dont break head strap… I am expecting it by end of month.

Did anyone actually break Lenovo head strap? Flexible may be actually good, since something that is too hard under a pressure could break when flexible could take the hit and recover.


Lenovo Explore’s head strap hinges are tough and sturdy.
This is very helpful in maintaining focus alignment of the eye and lens during use.
Other MR headsets often lose focus alignment of their eyes and lenses during intense head movement, but Lenovo Explorer does not.
However, you should be careful of the hinge damage as reported in Reddit.This is common to all MR headsets.

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An easy solution is to find a container that tge headset can be packed for transportation. A hard case with foam.


@crony @Heliosurge so Lenovo is sturdy as good Dell or HP but simply need be careful with strap while back packing. I will probably put some soft clothing right there around the strap to keep it safe. Would do?


Oh … what IF cover / smear lightly the plastic hinges with let’s say https://quikrete.com/productlines/concretebondingadhesive.asp
Or another concrete type glue… epoxy, super glue …

Then hinge will probably be twice more strong than just a plastic :slight_smile:

Thoughts? Probably will do it… day one once I get it to make sure it won’t bother me being weak

@crony @Heliosurge


Comparison at SteamVR Home

Pimax4K: Serious distortion and rotational tracking quality problems when compared to MR headsets at the same time

I am using Pimax4K again in a year, but I am very disappointed to see that the problem is still present in the latest version of piplay. A year ago I have raised the issue of tracking quality.

It has been over a year. I can not help but question the ability of Pimax team to fix problems.

The Pimax team must be ashamed of this fact.

So now, when I watch a video, I prefer Oculus Go, which has no distortion and good tracking quality.


@crony can advise you better on packing it for transport.

But truthfully if one intends of regular travel with a vr headset. Then a hardcase with foam is a good recommendation for any headset.


Not sure about this…there are discordant opinions about it and Sebastian Ang of MRTV said the Lenovo has the best FOV of all the windows headsets (except for the Samsung) , but when I tested my Explorer accurately with FOV_test utility it measured 95-99 degree FOV, depending on how much I was able to have the lens closer to my eyes, other people with different head anatomy could maybe have a better view, but not much in the end…and surely not as high as full 110 FOV.

So probably the Lenovo has the best FOV except Samsung, but the different manufacturers tend to exaggerate a little on the FOV specs, that are a bit too optimistic.


Yeah, it’s probably 110 if your eyeballs are stuck to the lens.

I noticed the Dell has better fov than the 4K, so that’s enough good for me. Doesn’t feel quite so enclosed. No idea how it compares to the Lenovo but I suspect the difference isn’t that dramatic. It’s all a bit subjective too though, will depend on the shape of your head, and how you wear the headset. I noticed on the Dell that there are a couple of ways you can wear it. For me it is more comfortable to not follow their guidelines, and pull the back down low, but wear it like a crown instead. Maybe that affects fov too, can push the screen closer that way.


Works that way for me too, lets it to have eyes closer to the lens, and it also keeps it firmly in position, even if head moves with fast and quick turns.

Wonder if those people lucky enough to have ugly protruding eyes can reach this much publicized 110’ FOV… :smile:


Probably the unique way you wearing it makes your fov better :slight_smile: so you saying Pimax 4k doesn’t really have 110 fov? If Dell has a better fov for you.

@crony I know I already ordered lenovo (which should arrive end lf month) but let’s say if putting hp, dell and lenovo each in own but same back pack. The chances of get the hinge/any plastic items broken is equal or much of safer for dell/hp?

Perhaps, when i get my Lenovo which i got for 330$ should arrive end of month from US. I think smear litely epoxy/concrete glue around hinge, pretty much all around it, make an additional layer of strength for the plastic to allow it handle more pressure withou get broken. Thoughts?

And if anyone got 3d printer, you can print a layer in exact shape of the hinges and glue it on top, shoud help. I think!

Thanks !


Don’t worry, Lenovo’s plastic head ring is flexible enough, and I don’t think it’s so easy to break, rigid straps like the one used in PS VR (that I own myself too) are way much easier to break.


Yeah for me the 4K has much lower fov. But with the 4K I have to use a thick facepad, so that makes its fov a bit worse. Could also be an IPD problem. With the 4K the IPD setting is messed up.

But yeah around 90 I think, I can tell by looking at the lines on the floor in SteamVR.


You’d lose a pretty important part of its functionality if you glued it. Just be careful, don’t flick it up the whole way, and I’m sure it’ll be fine. Moving the front out a little helps a lot when putting on and taking off the headset. If the hinge was rigid, it could be difficult to put the headset on. Plus, as we mentioned, you need to push the front closer to your face for better fov. Can’t do that if it’s glued.


Oh no you didn’t get me right, I am not speaking of glue the head strap to the unit haha… I mean take something like epoxy/concrete glue type, and nicely smear it over the hinge plastics that potentially can break. So basically it will have sort of an 2nd layer of “fake plastic = glue” and be more strong. Like adding a glue make up on top of the hinge plastic.

Yellow = Glue / Epoxy


Ah right, makes sense then. If you’re out of warranty or don’t have one.


The thing is I ordered my Lenovo Explorer from USA ($330 with shipping) and Lenovo doesn’t offer local warranty, so if something, you need ship it back to USA for Amazon repair. Plus if I am not mistaken - warranty doesn’t cover physical plastic breaks but only internal issues?

I will use this chance to say - Lenovo - we are in 2018! Electronics and mobile products MUST have international warranty, regardless where you buy it. Lenovo want you to pay $650-700 to have a local Lenovo warranty but if you buy the SAME product in Amazon for its actual legit price of $300, the local Lenovo warranty center will not touch it - this is wrong!" Not to mention, both products sold via Lenovo official website the US one offers you $200-300 price and the none US Lenovo site (aka - Russian Local Lenovo branch) offers this same product for $650-700.

Russian Lenovo Site:

**** 39,990 Rub = $633.99**

US Lenovo Site:

Since when making the same product cost three times more to make/sell if you include Russian instructions inside the box instead of the English (Only difference in products)? This is VERY UNFAIR Lenovo. Very unfair. Let alone, in Russia minimal payroll is around $200 while in US its around $2000. Why would Lenovo sell three times more expensive in Russia? And if some Russian consumer decide to buy at the legit price from Lenovo US/Amazon, he would not get any warranty from Lenovo in Russia. This is 100% incorrect.


Yeah it’s the same where I am. 500 usd. Also got it shipped from the US and saved a lot. No wonder they aren’t selling well outside the US.

On a completely unrelated note, I recommend Fishbiter’s mod to ensble joysticks in non-supported games. Works like a charm.