Pimax 4K vs WMR


Thats a nonsense, in a rich country as US they sell it cheapish and in a lower economical countries like yours and Russia they sell it 3 times more expensive. Why they would do that?


Don’t know. Guess they just don’t care much about other markets.


New question: if WMR uses LCD and doesn’t suffer from ghosting, why Pimax 4K which uses LCD can’t figure out so far how to avoid ghosting?


Good question. Also, why can’t it hit 90fps. Guess the answer is it’s just an inferior (except for SDE) panel. But I don’t know the specifics.

Is the ghosting something to do with Pimax’s reprojection? An attempt to make it feel smooth? I don’t know but I always guessed that was it.

Another thing I realised is performance seems better with the Dell. I was expecting to still get low dips in the same games. In games where I’d have dips to 50 fps with the 4K, now that dip is to 80 or something, barely noticable.


The 4k uses the sharp panel used in the sony experia 5 i think. It has a limit if 60hz.

@crony suggested an idea of overclocking the panel. Which in theory should be able to match the Oculus Go at 72hz or perhaps can manage 75hz.

Another User mentioned the fact that ATW might also help as its helps with rotational visual corrections.

But yeah hopefully they can get back to working on it.


Yes, I was surprised that overclocking can be so easily accomplished up to 75Hz.
In Pimax4k’s video mode, overclocking was enabled by adding a custom resolution in the nvidia control panel. But I have not tested it yet to see if this can reduce ghost effects.
To test vive puck tracking we need an updated osvr vive plugin, but that’s not possible right now. The osvr developers now seem to be focusing on something else like OpenXR. :sob:


In fact, we are waiting.


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I found with the pimax 4K I was holding my head still and using my eye movement to not get as much ghosting. With the Dell, head look all the time as the sweet spot is smaller or seems it, but much more focused. I think it’s still ipd tracking and hz. I don’t believe it’s any one problem with the 4k, it seems a combination of issues that create it. Ghosting got worse when they fixed the calibration and drifting off centre. The first version of software they fixed that in that worked for me I kept going back to cause every time I tried a new update something else was F@&$&d.
Anyway the Dell does the job. I also use a steam vr controller with it (Xbox copy) no issue.


I just tried out the new auto reprojection, and the difference is enormous. I use a 1060 3gb so to hit 90fps in some games I need everything on low. But with reprojection enabled I can set everything to Ultra (on Dirt Rally, Dead Effect 2, Chronos so far) with just some occasional artifacts and almost no visible slowdown (you can’t tell it’s only 45 fps).

Sorry if this topic is heading too far in the direction of WMR. Got to relate it back to Pimax, so:

Basically my final verdict is yeah the WMR headsets are great, and cheap, and a superior alternative to the 4K, or stopgap before the 8K comes out. So the 8K better be something bloomin special.


Glad you liked it in the end :wink:


@jonnypanic @Lillo Is this an updated feature for WMR? I’m about to buy the odyssey but a little worried about the stuttering problems


It was in the update that came with haptic feedback, I think. But it’s in beta and you have to go into the config file to enable it. Also, you can enable a little icon to let you know when it is working.

Tested a couple more games, not all work great but mostly. I’ll find the link.


I wouldnt worry about stutter too much. I know the samsung is higher res but it seems there are plenty of options to increase performance if necessary, and performance on wmr is pretty great anyway.


Agree, and the stutters probably happens only on older systems with lower end graphic cards, not much to worry about…


So you saying, with this new update, WMR performance much better than lets say if you ran the game without HMD or on another non WMR HMD? Isnt it sort of braimwrap just for actual rendering? @jonnypanic


It’s subjective. Not better exactly. 90fps without reprojection will always be preferable to 45fps with reprojection and artifacts. But if you are struggling to hit 90 in some games, reprojection with high resolution and detail could be preferable to 90 and low detail. It’s just one more option for getting good performance and clarity.

Yeah it is like ‘brainwarp’.

I don’t know how it compares to other HMDs but WMR performance is certainly preferable to me than the 60fps of the 4K, with or without reprojection.