PiMax 4K White or Gray Screen with Black vertical bar


Please help me @Pimax-Support

I can’t get my Pimax 4K to work on Windows 10
My laptop is a ASUS Q500A with Intel HD Graphics 4000 card

The PiMax only shows all white or gray screen sometims on both eyes sometimes on the right eye only with a black vertical bar.

Please advise what is needed to setup properly.



Hi, as per the issue that you have met, you may try the solution as below:
If you unplug the USB cable of the headset when it’s in DFU mode, the LED light may be extinguished (brick). You may press all three buttons on the headset, and then plug the USB cable, release Power button after 8 seconds, meanwhile keep pressing other 2 buttons, release middle button after 8s and keep pressing the last button in 8s, finally you should see the light is flickering, it means the headset enters to DFU (Firmware update) mode. If not, please operate above again.
And please manually upgrade the Piplay.
after uninstalling Piplay, please also delete other Piplay files as below:
C:\Program file\Pimax
And then manually upgrade the Graphics card.
Then you may restart the PC.
Please be advised. If any problem, please contact our mailbox: support@pimaxvr.com
We are willing to help you.:slight_smile: