Pimax 4k with NOLO


Ok guys… I’m am getting really fed up with the Pimax4k/Nolo Combination not working right.

Pimax and NoloVR both advertise that the hardware and software work fine together and that I should be able to play SteamVR games like Job Simulator and other Similar games.

This has not been the case for me at all.

At first I had Head tracking issues and that was addressed. Awesome, I can play my games now right? no I still can’t… The NOLO motion controls are so all over the place and inaccurate that nothing is playable.

So I got fed up, left everything connected to my PC since the Pimax/Nolo were finally working together and decided to wait for updates that would hopefully improve the motions controls. I stopped troubleshooting and I concentrated on more important things in my life. I figured maybe I should wait a few months until a new version of piplay update comes out and i’ll retry it in the future when I am less frustrated. This was at the end of October 2017…

Time passes and updates roll out. I finally decide to give this a shot again. Uninstall everything pimax and piplay related. Reboot and reinstall the latest version.
Pimax 4k works fine on its own, I put on the NOLO and everything is being detected properly, no errors or anything until I put the Pimax4k on my face.

With Pimax4k/NOLO and piplay only running, If I put the Pimax on my face I see the the Pimax logo. Once the Pimax senses that it is on my face, I hear my windows sound as if a usb cable has been disconnected and I lose the image in the Pimax4k and the unit led light turns red. If I’m running Steam VR with Pimax4k/NOLO and I put the pimax to my face I can see the VR environment, but as soon as the pimax senses that it is on my face the image freezes I get a windows sound as if a usb is disconnected, my screen goes black and the LED on the PIMAX4k is red…

I have been able to get this PIMAX4k/NOLO combination working fine before with past support but the motion controls were just awful.

Am I always going to have a problem after an update?!
I shouldn’t have to be working this hard and troubleshoot over and over again to get these things to work. Especially when both parties state that they work fine together and work fine with SteamVR…

I’m sorry guys but I’m really really frustrated right now, I’m sick and tired of this nonsense. I’m at the point where I’m about to just give up on everything, throw these units in the garbage and buy myself an HTC vive or Oculus and live with the crappy resolution and screen door effects, at least everything else will work…

Looking forward to a solution before I give up entirely…



Close Steam & verify Task Manager does not have anything Steam related still running.

Program Files\Steam\config

Backup/Delete “steamvr.vrsettings” & “chaperone_info.vrchap”

Uninstall PiPlay & remove these folders if present:

Program Files\Pimax

Hidden Folders:


Install latest Nolo Software/Launch/Right-click NOLO Taskbar icon and verify the Visualizer detects movement/orientation from Head & both controllers.

If that goes well:

Disconnect basestation/controllers from USB but leave Head tracking connected & uninstall the Nolo Software followed by re-installing latest Piplay/launch.

Select the chainlink icon and verify the Tracking Device/Basestation/Controllers indicates Connected.

Launch SteamVR

If possible to have the Nolo Basestation on the ceiling 8ft or more, it seems to track a bit better for close up type content involving Driving/Flying/FPS/Desktop.

Make no mistake, the range is still rather limited.


Hi i think you need help from @Pimax-Support.They will help you.