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Nov 6/2018

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Oculus IPD Style Setting -Contributer @neelrocker

Trouble Shooting -Contributer @Davebobman & community

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This Post will contain Pimax user Headset Mods.

1)Franken Pi - Attach Vive DAS to Pimax Headsets(@mixedrealityTV)

2)Poor Man’s Deluxe Headmount -Project cost under $25ca(@Heliosurge)


Pimax For Dummies -Contributer @SweViver


This Topic will contain Video Links to @mixedrealityTV Many useful Videos. Starting with Vive DAS guide for Pimax headsets. (This is a wiki Seb Please add videos via Hyperlinks to your channel)

Franken Pi - Attach Vive DAS to Pimax Headsets

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