Pimax 5k + / 8k prescription lens adapter



If it is loose, I think it is better to increase the scale.
Maybe … 1.01-1. 03 …?


Yep but lenses are loose too, if I increase the scale it’ll be worse. I though about a bad printer calibration but it’s well configured.
I made a 0.99 print, that’s better for the lenses but I must find a way to extend the brackets ^^


Try to increase extrusion


You could also just split the arms off from the frame then reduce the frame size and extend the arms back into the frame. Don’t need any special software 3d Builder will do.



Please try this model.
This model is a split type.
You can adjust the length.
I do not know if it suits your IPD.
If you set it long, the mounting on the HMD will be tight.

But the bridge is thick.
You need a thick face foam.



I made a 0.99 scale version with longer brackets (65mm version) but it brings lenses too close of the hmd. Maybe adding lenght to the nose part will resolve everything, I’ll test with this version :wink:


I got my lenses today and put them in the fixed 65mm frames. I found that the bridge needs to be curved more. Otherwise the frame pushes on my nose and upper inner eyebrows. I’m not using the stock pad instead a velour “VR Cover” so my face might be a bit closer. For me the lens holder/track was a little narrow. I’m going to make the adjustments and print again.


I had scale 0.99, add 5mm to the nose part, increase right brackets 0.6mm and left brackets 0.7mm and that’s ok.

the frame pushes on my nose and upper inner eyebrows

I have the same problem after these adjustements but I can deal with.


Still no word on when the lenses will be officially available from Pimax? Think they’ll be out before the 8K-X?


The Pimax panel has an angle of about 14 degrees.
I made a frame with a 14 degree angle bridge, but the image looked distorted.
It seems that prescription lenses are not suitable for use at many angles.
I made a frame with an angle of about 7 degrees.