Pimax 5K+ and base stations for motion racing simulator?



Looking to see if anyone has had any experiences with the Pimax headsets and using the base stations on a motion rig…

I’ve heard that its a mich better experience when the base stations are mounted to the cockpit and moves with it… But AFAIK, you can’t mount any SteamVR base stations to anything moving.


Hi, I have a 2DOF and used a HTC vive base (mounted to the wall). It works perfectly :wink: If you use X-SIM be careful to start it first, otherwise if you launch pitool first the motion don’t work :wink:


You are correct that you cant mount lighthouses (steamvr base stations) to anything moving because of the high speed motors spinning inside of them.

There are ways to cancel the motion via software but i cant tell you if it can be done without also using a controller or tracker mounted to your cockpit for a reference of what should be “staying still”.


Hmm if it jist needs the controllers mounted that will be easy to do.


Won’t work. There’s a lot of discussion of this on xsimulator.net and other places.

I have a DOFReality P6 Motion rig that I use with a 5K+. The OpenVR motion compensation patch works perfectly for Vive/Vive Pro, but doesn’t play well with Pimax. The 5K+ and 8K lose tracking and is not driveable. You can turn the motion WAY down-that helps-but it will still lose tracking.

I have pre-ordered the Valve Index to replace the Pimax for sim racing. There’s no confirmation yet that the Index will work as well as the Vive/Pro, but since Steam it run by Valve, the expectation is that it will play nice.


are you using a base station? Like I said tracking with the base mounted to the wall works perfectly for my 2DOF


Yes, 2 base stations.


Hmm ok, I’ll be using it with 2 base stations in a double garage size game room. It’ll double as my VR area too…

The motion rig will be 3DOF with traction loss…

I don’t know if the Index will be worth it at 1.4k AUD after conversion from USD… Actual retail will probably be more like 1.6-1.7k AUD. Feels like a complete rip off with that price tag.