Pimax 5k+ and DCS World. Supersampling etc




Anyone knows what pimax quality setting makes ?

Here why i ask:

Dcs open beta :

Steam VR 100% manual

PD set from dcs to 1.2 and pitool quality 1
= sharp but still jaggies

PD IN DCS 1.0 but pitool quality set to 1.25

Sharp as hell and almoust zero jaggies in distance , extermely good image quality. More fps hit and thats why i think that pitool quality is not just super sampling , there is some filttering (AA? ) done.



Unfortunately I am not using DCS but I’ve experimented quite a bit with settings for Virtual Desktop.

Just to be verbose, changing PiTool RQ settings results in different resolutions at 100% SteamVR SS.

I am noticing a 25% GPU load reduction while having about the same image quality when using PT 0.5 instead of PT 1.0 and setting SVR SS resolution to the same value as the 1.0 value(4564x4556 small FOV in my example).

Maybe it’s just subjective, but food for thought.


Anyone here with cloud problems ?

Without PP on:

Clouds pop in out , and are not always rendered for both eyes same time :confused:

PP on: clouds pop in and out but are rendered always in both eyes

Any help is good help.


Bumb, pimax dev’s ??