"Pimax 5K BE" ($100 more as 8K) not as a option for Backers? We could use the $100 coupon



Now I see the official offers. And there is a “Pimax 5K BE” with OLED O_o?
$100 more than the 8K. Could we change to these OLED version? $100, this is exactly the $100 stretch goal coupon.
And for as OLED version, I would wait longer.

And why is it “important” for “business” customers, but not for gamer?
I think for entertainment, a good black level is more important as for business customers.
Business is only work, and I thnik, usually they will work with high brightnes virtual sceneries.
Automotive presentation etc… Not horror games etc…
And military simulators (fighting jet, tanks etc.) are full devices you sit in.
Lowlight perhaps for the marines etc. for training and therapy, also with low light night sceneries.


You dont get a 100$ coupon if you stay with 8k, means the the difference from 5k+ to 5k be is 200$, so you have to pay additional 100$.


The $100 Dollar STRETCH GOAL :slight_smile: ?!?
If I would choose the 5K+ I get a SECOND $100 coupon.
But now there is a “5K BE” O_o. Now i am forced to sold my backing, and buy the 5K BE regularly O_o?
If I (or other 8K backer) could choose the “5K BE”, they could keep the $100 stretch goal coupon.
And we could get a real OLED VR glasses…


I thought stretch goal was supposed for wifi only


No, for all accesory. Backers withoud backed hand motion could use it for hand motion.


This coupon is for wireless module only.


Oled screen has black smear problem. Not solved yet. And not a nice problem to have when you move your head a lot in a game