Pimax 5k BE; Oled or not.. Confused


So if anybody wants to buy, I sell cheap. Just want to get rid of them…


Thats what I though :slight_smile:


Yes as we have spoken in our recent DM, your case is very rare. The seller (original owner) have sold you a very early BE version (which was from a very small and early BE batch) with LCD panels. This model was made for business purposes only, and sold together with a commercial license, most likely for VR arcades and such.

As the BE got a new name XR not long after, it became a OLED model and after that, all BE/XR are oleds. I know its unfortunate, as there are probably not many of these LCD BE units floating around, but you unit is one of these…

As the original buyer was aware of the fact its a LCD model and never made a RMA or complaint, he simply fooled you saying its a OLED BE version. I that case, Pimax cant replace the unit, unless its somehow faulty of course.

We are sorry for this, but we cant do much about it at this point. I have spoken to several members of the team and they all agree the unit was supposed to be LCD and nothing has been done incorrectly from Pimax side. The only hope is that you can reach out to the oroginal owner and ask him to send it back, but I doubt it will be of his interest :confused:

As far as I know, the Pimax team has at least offered you a reasonable discount if you purchase a new XR unit in future.



Yes, I’m aware that the seller fooled me as he knew my intensions very well.

BUT if you label different products the same way, and leave no information of this to the costumers.

Well what do you expect they will be VERY disappointed. There was no reasonable way for me to know the facts in advance.

Even Pimax USA themselves didn’t know, I state “The BE became the XR and both are OLED”.


To make matters worse, found several cracks in the unit…
Did not notice this before as I was to occupied on OLED.
Thought BE was supposed to be sturdier.


Maybe they are not so bad after all, received this message from support “Please confirm your receiving address and contact number, we will send out the replacement for you soon”


Sorry I missed your last replies here, but as you know, we have been taking care of your issue already and the RMA process, because of your cracks, is already in progress and you should get all details about the return process any time (if you havent already). Let’s follow up in our direct messages instead :slight_smile: