Pimax 5K BE: Underdog turned wolf? My LA Impressions


The 8k is not really inferior. But you need a hands on aproach vs looking at numbers to see it for yourself. Whether a difference in spec is a con to you or not.

Like a 4ohm speaker is technically better than an 8ohm speaker.

As for bad reviews is on those whom feel the need. There will be more positive than negative anyways.


Pimax does not have my home address?
In a forum a user says that pimax will ask for my address for shipping.
He says I can ignore this request, then I do not get the glasses.
“To vote with one’s feet”.


To ensure all details are accurate is it such a big deal to resubmit this info?

Bet if this was a cheque for a huge pay out you’d submit the info as many times as asked to ensure receipt. :laughing: