PIMAX 5K+ black screen troubleshooting




i’m trying to see if somebody has the same problem on a different setup than mine just to localize if the problem could be my rig (which is quite old) or the PIMAX itself.

i’m having the Pimax 5k+ for several months but i’m encountering a problem right now.

yesterday i played for about 45 minutes/1 hour at PAVLOV VR without any problem, and then my screen went totally black, still able to hear sound from headphones connected to PIMAX 5K+ (but it became muffled)

tried turning it off and on again while ingame with the button on the PIMAX device, and it crashed PAVLOV and Steam VR

i was still able to see the game on my main monitor, but it seemed that the position of the camera suddely went on the floor level after the problem.

i encountered this problem during another game session few weeks ago on different games (Beat Saber and SUPER HOT VR)

the only temporary solution i got was to remove the power cable from the pimax, close PITOOL and steamvr, restart the software and reconnect the PIMAX. but after 45mins/1hour i will encounter the problem again

the pimax has never been dropped on the floor or took sudden hits (but the plastic at the corners is a bit broken).

my setup right now:

  • intel core i7-2600K
  • 8GB RAM
  • Gigabyte GTX 1080 G1
  • PITOOL version
  • Nvidia Drivers around version 341 (above the recommended 418.91 for latest PITOOL version)
  • PITOOL software installed on Samsung 850 Pro
  • games installed on Samsung 860 Evo
  • 2 htc vive lighthouses 1.0
  • 2 vive controllers

i know that my actual rig is not up to date but it can still run VR games without giving me motion sickness.

hany help is appreciated

EDIT: the problem has been solved with PIMAX support, it’s a faulty cable, they will send a new one!



how about using the service desk ?

tech support can help you.


yeah i was in reaching out on different channels while i was waiting to support :slight_smile:
now the problem has been found, faulty cable, they will send me a new one