Pimax 5k+ Drifting image and dirt in/under lenses




I have pre-order unit of 5k+ and I have 2 issues right now. I would be very happy if somebody could help me to solve them.

1/ The image is slowly drifting to the left, all time. link . It is very annoying because I have to spin on my chair to keep the image in center too. I don´t have any controllers and base stations yet. When I buy at least one base station, will it solve my problem?

2/ I have some dirt in/under left lens and it’s exactly in center of my view. I’m really very unhappy with this one because I see it all time on light background. Is there any way how to fix it? Is this a reason for unit replacement?

Thank you


Really depends if it’s on the lens or the screen.


The lighthouse should fix your drift issue



Thank you for the idea, but this sounds very risky in terms of the unit damage and lost warranty.
I will probably try to place it on a vibration pad and try to gently shake it down on a weekend or ask for a replacement if it doesn’t help.