Pimax 5k+ drops to 50hz randomly


during my Beriln meetup, IL2 Sturmovik seems to be related with monitor ( 1080p) resolutions also Assetto Corsa dont respond for any supersampling changes ( probably bound with monitor res. too) All thouse issues was on old Pitool (0.74), so meybe they messed up something again in 0.90 ver ?


This is pitool .90 but it started up after upgrading to win10 1809


Just curious… What screen is set as default in windows display properties? The 60hz or the 100hz?


Main monitor is 100hz. My extended 2nd monitor was 60hz (even though it’s supposed to be 120hz - i used the wrong cable on the monitor and it defaulted down to 60hz since i have an HDMI to dp adapter)

So when i start up iracing its ok the 100hz default and shows me 90fps in fpsVR. But when i moved the iracing window to the samsung 90”, it dropped to 60fps in fpsVR


You can get an active adapter for the monitor so it goes above 60hz. More expensive though.


Can you please unplugd your second monitor and test again iRacing.
I remember that 2 years ago my Vive wasnt compatybile with my second extenden Lenovo monitor and generated issues.


I will try again friday when im back home


I will just buy a displayport cable and use that to have it go to it’s native refresh rate of 120hz but the fact that iracing is giving me the fps based on the monitor, but in my headset, is some kind of bugged coding somewhere


I remember running into similar issues when having 3+ different specs (Res, Ration, Refresh) displays connected (and windows+p through), so I used to unplugg one cable. Not sure but isn’t a display hub layed out for those purpose?


Whats a display hub? Not sure what you mean