Pimax 5k+ first impressions (sjefdeklerk)


I’ve mentioned this a few times before, I see the image shrink horizontally as it moves to the sides, and starts to have a slight skew. So | gradually does / or maybe )

Some experiences it’s more noticeable, some I totally don’t notice.

But concurr it’s definitely there!


Cdaked has Oscar tried Sj’s firmware tool to fix bad firmware flash? Let oscar know he’s bern added to the Dev forum with knob.


The render bug with objects popping in & out csn also be on the gsme render side not rendering them properly as it should be outside the users FoV & may require Game dev to fix.

The Audio Jack is unfortunate. I will need to test mine today & give feedback.


Oled prefers of course will have a natural bias towards this. If I recall you said it was a breaker on the oculus go & might not be fixabke enough on lcd to be as they say good enough.


Ok after some more testing and switching back forth with the Vive Pro, I can say that in regard to SDE, the 5k+ is somewhat better as long as you don’t see the dots that Sweviver talked about. You see them best at some colors and in fact the human skin color seems to be the color that they’re most visible. I guess that’s why the 5k+ doesn’t really excel at adult movies, I feel the Vive Pro is better for that. The dots are too disturbing there. However in games like Skyrim and apps like “nature treks”, it’s really no contest, even with all its flaws the 5k+ easily wins the contest there. In fact I never felt compelled to play Skyrim very long on the Vive Pro but on the 5k+ it’s hard to turn it off :slight_smile: The added FoV is just so much better and interestingly enough I somehow feel the visual quality on the 5k+ is also slightly better there.

Anyway, I really really hope Pimax can fix the geo distortion issue, together with the issue of rendered objects popping in/out of the peripherial view those 2 are by far my biggest concerns right now.

And I need to see how I can increase comfort, going to try some things there.


It’s great to see your experience, thank you :+1:

Do you think it makes sense to choose 8K instead of 5K + because of SDE?
I understand that you only have 5K +, and you have not tried 8K.
But nevertheless, you bought exactly 5K +. So you have some kind of prevailing opinion about 5K + vs 8K.
It would be nice if you shared.

Yes, I know, almost everyone says that the difference in SDE is insignificant between them, but with 8K more hassle, as well as the SDE diagonal pattern. Do you support this look at 8K? :roll_eyes:


Well the 8k doesn’t have those ‘dots’. So if adult movies are your primarily reason for buying a HMD, then yeah I think you should go for the 8k. I think all testers also said this and I think they’re right, again, mainly because of those ‘dots’.

For most games I think the 5k+ will be better as supposedly it’s sharper. Besides, in most games I don’t even notice those ‘dots’.


I recall a lot of Rift users were complaining about such issues with Fallout 4 VR, early in the life cycle of that game. Like the 8k/5k, the Rift CV1 has less than 100% stereo overlap – maybe some developers simply use the FOV of one camera, for their culling frustum, rather than the left and right combined… :7

@sjefdeklerk: Reading about your planned comfort experiments; I am quite eager to hear whether you find different amounts of eye relief does anything to shape the distortions. :7


That is, it’s all a matter of these “spots / dots”, they add an SDE effect if you see them. But if you do not notice them, then everything is fine with SDE and it is better than VivePro in this case.
And most of all they are noticeable against the background of the color of human skin.


Well, I need it for games: autosim, action (like arizona sunshine), sometimes movies, but rarely.

Then, I think, 5K + will suit me.
But I will keep in mind that 5K + has these “spots / points”, but 8K does not have …I’ll have to think about it carefully :roll_eyes:


Yeah I’ll see if I can shoot some photo’s of the ‘spots’, cause I don’t think I’ve seen photo’s that do them right. I if remember correctly this is the photo that Swe uploaded but I feel that in reality it’s a bit different.

But again, please keep in mind that in most games you won’t even notice them


I found a photo posted earlier, where they showed “spots / dots”
now I understand what you mean.:slightly_smiling_face:


At first glance it seems that it is almost imperceptible …


Yeah these are pretty good photo’s of the effect, especially the last one and the blue one (2nd photo). Now imagine these dots in the last photo just a bit more noticeable in skin color and that’s what I’m talking about. It becomes a bit of an SDE like grid and I find it a bit disturbing WHEN I see them. Again, please keep in mind that most of the times in games i dont see them at all!


This is some kind of “Mura” or how this effect is called. And maybe not.
Probably, if there was no such effect, then there would be no questions to SDE at all.
As I remember, Pimax made these points for higher clarity …
But it is good that this effect is almost imperceptible.


Agreed, I think without that effect I like the SDE of the 5k+ better than the one of the Vive Pro. However in scenes where I do notice them, I think the Vive Pro is better.


Now you need another 8K for the full picture …:smile:
It is a pity that you do not have it.


Well either way, I think I can say that even in moments where the ‘dots’ are visible, I think it’s not really THAT much of an issue. In fact if I had to rate all the ‘bad’ points of the 5k+ this might be one of the last. It doesn’t bother me that much. What does bother me are those rendered objects popping in/out in your peripherial vision, the incorrect geo distortion, the audio plug that’s not working very well and comfort of the HMD. If Pimax can fix those, then they have a really good HMD, easily beating all competition.


Well, now it’s clear what we’re dealing with.
I will try not to notice these “dots”.

Interestingly, but at 8K there is the same geo-distortion?
Most likely there everything is exactly the same, because in principle, they should not differ in the shape of the image. Yes, geo-distortion is of course a big problem . :thinking:


Thanks for the review SJ, I agree the geo distortion is probably from pupil swim which is not fixable without a dynamic distorion profile (eye tracking). It’s probably one of the big reasons why other companies have not attempted a large FOV headset yet. I guess that’s what we get for living on the cutting edge.

Two questions, 1. Do you see large FOV useful at all? Say with your nature treks or maybe Skyrim (maybe Fallout)?? 2. Would you be willing to try a SDE filter clear plastic or such and see what you think of those results (net positive vs net negative)?


Well to me it seems that the extra FoV, the difference between ‘wide’ and ‘normal’ isn’t even that big. The step from small to normal is much more impressive than from normal to wide it seems. So I think that it’s probably not worth all the negative effects you’ll get with it. Then again, if Pimax can fix the objects popping in/out your peripheral vision and can fix the geo distortion, then this mode might become more interesting too.

Not sure what you mean, just a piece of clear plastic to see if that changes SDE?


Anyway, what I found a bit disturbing is that I’ve now been an hour in the real world and it seems my eyes/brain are still adapting. It’s almost like if you’ve been an hour inside the pimax incorrectly distorted world that your brain adapts to it and once you get into the real world, your eyes/brain really need to adapt to normal vision again. And it’s not a very pleasurable effect. Again, I really think it’s of utmost important that pimax focuses on fixing this. If eye tracking is needed: bring it on!