Pimax 5k+ first impressions (sjefdeklerk)


Lens edge issue. The lenses should have been slightly bigger with a bezel to cover the edge.

There is a bit though via software that maybe correctable


Eye tracking would probably be nice for dynamic correction distortion profile :roll_eyes:
Probably, lenses do not fix all distortions due to wide FOV …


could someone measure the diameter of the lens? I want to put some protective covers on them when mine comes and need to know how big to order the covers. thanks



The lenses Jim are recessed. For the purpose of a cover ir might be best to create an insert that slips in the face shield. The lenses do not protrude like the 4k vive & rift.


I am equally surprised as happy to see Sjef getting a headset after all. Pretty quick too, first batch and all.


that’s great to know. i might not need to cover the lenses after all. I wear glasses and in Odyssey+ i was afraid of scratching the lens. Also, I forgot about the lens frames that will come later. I will certainly get them fitted with my prescription.


With glasses if big or even small the lenses are close to eyes as said. I thought your covers were meant like a lense cap for when not in use.

On the glasses you use. You could likely fit something like silicone/teflon bumper spacer on your glasses.

Until the frame adapters ship.


This is all so good to hear. @sjefdeklerk likes the 5K+. I’ll be damned. :slight_smile:


these worked very well for the Odyssey+. the lenses in the 5k+ are the same size.


Congrats Bro, hope you get the best of it.


LOL, yeah I like it. But I also think of the Pimax 5k+ as a raw diamond, that most likely is too raw at the moment for mass adoptation. I mean I agree to most what @OlivierJT said in his review. If Pimax can solve the final hurdles, then this really becomes simply the best HMD out there. But knowing Pimax, man, I really don’t dare to say if they’ll succeed. And the time frame is narrow. If the competition comes with a wide FoV HMD, then you can be sure that they get it right and then Pimax 5k+ really becomes just a collectors item.


I think they will do alright. Though for mass adoption we need affordable gpus that can run these headsets.


Doesn’t the 4K still have a bunch of outstanding issues that have never been fixed?


Yeah but the Pimax 4k never got ‘big’, because of those issue’s. Currently the Pimax 5k+ has its own set of issue’s and I think unless Pimax can solve them, they’ll end up exactly like before: a product that gives us a taste of the future but never really grew up enough to become a serious contender of the big guys. I mean a serious company like HTC, Valve or facebook would NEVER release a HMD in this state. Don’t get me wrong, I enjoy it already, playing Skyrim on it is awesome. But it’s in its current state just not grown up enough.


I have really been hoping Pimax is aware of this. This is kind of their big chance. They certainly carry a lot more risk than Valve. All it takes is someone better known in this field to make something as good. Companies in Pimax’s positioning need to crush it to establish themselves.

But yeah- in light of all the back and forth around here, it’s nice to see you are digging the headset even if the warts may remain. Enjoy it. I look forward to what we get out of all the forthcoming forensics.


So, taking into account that I notice a clear difference between the SDE of the Vive Pro and the Oculus Go, would the SDE of the Pimax 5K+ stay in the middle? Since everyone with Odyssey+ is telling me that they don’t see any SDE even on a white background and that it doesn’t look more blurry than the old Odyssey, for me the SDE from highest to lowest would be:

Vive Pro > Pimax 5K+ >= Oculus Go > Pimax 8K > Pimax 4K > Odyssey+


How about the brightness? For me, I can tell the Odyssey+ is a bit more dim than the Vive(original), but it’s hardly different. The Rift has awful brightness in my opinion. I tried a Rift for about an hour straight trying to get used to it, but couldn’t. It was way too dim. I’m worried the 5K+/8K-X will be too dim like the Rift. Do you notice a big difference in brightness between the Vive Pro and 5K+ when comparing the same game?


Well again, I think it’s hard to compare the SDE between Vive Pro and 5k+. In Skyrim I prefer the SDE of the 5k+. However like said sometimes the 5k+'s SDE just ‘pops up in your face’ screaming ‘look at me’ :slight_smile: And this never happens on the Vive Pro. Again, the pattern is different and the 5k+ has these ‘dots’ structure that sometimes is visible.

I think the fairest conclusion is the one @mixedrealityTV made and that they’re just very close to each other.


Well the Vive Pro is actually too bright for me. I usually put the Vive pro in ‘night mode’. I’d say the Pimax 5k+ is a bit brighter than the Vive pro in night mode. Maybe half way between normal and night mode. For me it’s about perfect.