Pimax 5k+ first impressions (sjefdeklerk)


I sometimes play seated games like distance standing up reasonably well with little to no discomfort to my balance & such.


it’s only at the outer edges. The center is fine, but objects nearing the edges get stretched. It’s certainly not extreme like double sizes, nothing like that, but it’s very noticeable and I find it immersion killing. The whole scene also becomes a bit more ‘wobbly’ because of this. Certainly the number 1 thing Pimax should fix in my opinion. If eye tracking is needed, hurry up with that project!


Ahh so noticing it at the edges only, thank god. At least it’s not in the dead center as i misinterpreted you lol


People are reporting that the lenses are very close to the eyes, I wonder if eye tracking is still possible…


So are you dumping the vive pro ???


Sounds more like depending on use will use A or B. But controller & LH wise likely to keep both.


I’ve ordered a Odyssey+, which will replace my Vive Pro, which I’ll probably sell indeed. The Odyssey+ hype seems to be real, so that will be a nice upgrade to the Vive Pro.


Maybe add a tracking puck & Odyssy+ csn be vive pro+ :joy:


Yeah tracking seems to be the only part where the Odyssey+ won’t be as good as the Vive Pro.


You can use the vive wands , works well once it’s setup , sweviver did instructions


LOOL didn’t know this was possible, just found his video: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=UbDHuEkvqZc

Thanks (also @sweviver)


Similar technique will work on the 4k. Crony did this long ago


Hmm I just realized that this way you won’t have any HMD tracking, right? You can not move, just like with the pimax 4k?


Possibly though @SweViver & folks like @crony would know better.


Hmm I’m not sure you can use the normal inside-out tracking for the HMD, in combo with the lighthouse controller tracking. Will need to try this.

Either way I just realized another general disadvantage of inside-out tracking, you can’t set it up to mark your walls with blue lines like with the Vive. I guess I will bump into the walls a lot then :slight_smile: I like this feature a lot with the lighthouse system.


Bungee cord restrictors like a spider web lol.

From my understanding the wmr inside out can be used at the sametime with Vive bs. As it doesn’t use infra red.


The comfort of this HMD starts to bother me. Been trying to adjust the head wrap but I just can’t get it comfortable. If it’s too loose I see the other panel with my other eye and lose sharpness and FoV. If it’s too tight the pressure feels uncomfortable on my head. Also my face keeps touching the lenses, making the lenses slightly greasy, but it’s enough to lose sharpness. So I continually need to remove my HMD, and clean lenses.

Never had these problems with the Vive Pro. Thought I could fix them easily but up till now I haven’t been able to do so.

Also the audio plug is now really broken, the only option I now have is to connect my headset directly to my PC (or just use speakers).


You have the vive’s Das? Try ir or my poor man’s headmount works great.

Ouch on the Audio Jack. Tried mine works okay had to fiddle though once after insertion & it is tight on the jack.


wmr has it’s bounder feature when setting roomscale .


it works fine ,just setup your wmr space with care and once the vive wands are calibrated dont change wmr space