Pimax 5k+ first impressions (sjefdeklerk)


After using the Pimax 5k+ now for a week I’m not sure what to think of it. The thing is that after a while you simply get used to the FoV, it becomes a ‘given’ and then all the downsides start to irritate more: I can’t wear this thing comfortable, the lenses keep getting greasy (and thus blurry) when they touch my face because they’re just too close to your face, can’t crank up SS in more demanding games above 100% because my 2080TI isn’t fast enough and I see jaggies, the wobbly distortion effect irritates me and I miss the OLED colors.

Now don’t get me wrong here, I won’t got back to my Vive Pro because of the FoV. But the 5k+ is what it is: a compromise. It’s not a bad HMD, but it’s FAR from perfect. It might even be the best HMD money can currently buy, but still, I can’t help but really look forward to a new HMD that offers me more satisfaction. Maybe StarVR then? If you look at it like that, it’s not much better than a Vive Pro, which also is a compromise, but just on different issue’s. The 5k+ solves a HUGE issue, the FoV, but you lose the awesome colors, lose the comfort, lose the steady image, lose the fact that it just works (without having to fiddle with restarting services etc), audio works fine (no problems with the plug) and lose the fact that you can SS very high. So that’s actually quite a lot to lose …

I did feel the need to add that in turn, you not only get a bigger Fov with the 5k+, but the sweet spot is indeed better and godray’s are gone. So it’s more than just the FoV that’s better. But still, man I hate compromises :slight_smile: The ‘road to good VR’ is a long, bumpy and frustrating one for sure …


Thanks for telling it real and keeping us posted. I can totally see myself in your shoes.


I liked that with the vive as well but honestly when turning it off for movies I sometimes forget to set it back
and to my surprise did not miss it much. Thought of a thicker carpet (i have a laminate floor) as a compromise workaround, this may indicate the playspace “by feel”


Good to read this fair and solid review by someone who hasn’t been gushing about it beforehand.

I hope you enjoy it and keep us updated either way.


Very interesting thoughts and thanks for posting and then updating. I wonder though, how much more the Sjef opinion will change the more it gets used.


I think he’s pretty much nailed it. There are compromises and for me I think its a lot better than I thought it was going to be when I backed it! Its not perfect, there are issues, but the positives seem to counter most of issues leaving a mixed feeling but with a still enjoyable headset. I’d say it will be more interesting when they get to improve software, colours, distortion, and also comfort (audio headstrap?) how everyone then feels about it.


This is probably one of the better threads to explain the issues with the 5K+.

thanks to this I’ll probably be getting a rift S with an RTX 2060 over a 5K+ due to not needing 2x mains powered outlets (assumed virtual link on rift S’s part), no base station, being easier to run, no minor issues (colours, brigthness, distortion).

with that being said I will still boot up the 5K+ to see the FOV for some days.


Wonder what the S stands for? :thinking: :wink:

I’m sure there will be its fair share of minor issues, subjectively there are plenty on the rift. There’s a lot to be improved on by any HMD, and we’re certainly not getting a holy grail for a while yet. So its a matter or trade offs and personal preferences. I’m interested to see what they do with Rift S, I’m also interested in the quest and any possibility of streaming to it.

For me the overall winning factor is the resolution/clarity/large sweet spot/no godrays on the 5k+ even above the FOV advantage everything else is niggles to me, some of which possibly fixable.


What will be interesting is if Oculus decide to push the resolution on the rift S. If they go with 1600p it will be a polished upgrade for their fanbase. If they manage to souce higher resolution screens then it could be somthing worth getting. Hopefull this Valve leak will push them in the right direction


Forget about the Rift S pushing any limits - it won‘t. Oculus/Facebook management have clearly decided to prioritize accessibility and broad adoption across the range of available GPUs above high performance, which apparently lead to Brendan Iribe calling it a day.

I am sure it will be a polished product absolutely worth its price, but probably not what I am looking for. Hence I don‘t see myself buying one (although I am not amongst the Facebook haters, I am using the Rift currently). I will rather spend the money on the Quest, because that may offer interesting new concepts given it is completely autonomous. And I can take it with me for vacation…


it will just be the quest without the innards, best case scenario would be no godrays on top, it’s unknown if that would happen.


@sjefdeklerk can you give your list of best headsets that you own? Or the ones you’d pick to play the most I should say

And did you receive the odyssey or not yet…?


My Odyssey arrived in Miami, it’s going to take a week now to arrive at my home. HMD’s I own:

  • PImax 4k
  • Pimax 5k+
  • Depoon E3
  • Vive Pro
  • Odyssey+ as of next week :slight_smile:

Best 2 are obviously the Vive Pro and the Pimax 5k+ (I wonder how I’m going to like the O+). For most games I’d pick the 5k+ but like said in a game like Titan Slayer II I find the Vive Pro more enjoyable, mostly because of the colors, less noticeable SDE pattern in that game and also the fact I only get 50 FPS on my 2080TI on my 5k+ and of course the less comfort on the 5k+ always plays a role too.


very interesting insight. seems the 2080ti still isn’t quite cutting it sometimes.


Interesting to read people are loving it for movies. Not that I can see myself using it over a 4K projector but looking forward to trying a good copy of Avatar. Just a pity there’s still no way of playing a blu ray in VR


Well consider with Bigscreen & such you could watch movies & such with far away friends &/or family in a theater kind of setting.


My first few days with the pimax 5k+ I had a disappointment on watching movies, colour and some of the SDE played a part in that, I don’t know whats happened to me but that seems to have changed on me and I really like it for videos now, I barely see SDE and colours even seem better than I remember?!

3D vids/movies I like to watch in VR, I’ve not watched a full film through yet, usually get 20-40mins in just whilst casually playing with it, e.g. I decide to test something for 5mins and 40mins have gone by.

I’ll not go from watching movies on my 60" Kuro, but for occasional 3D stuff I will use the pimax.

Comfort is the #1 showstopper in enjoyment of a full length movie. I hope the impending audio headstrap will help?? but I suspect I’m going to have to do a custom fix for the nose pain…


I didn’t pay attention, do you have the Odyssey+ too ? I suppose if you “re-calibrated” yourself by using that one, you might notice the shortcomings a bit more again. But I am counting on the accommodation effect too for some of the flaws of the 5+, let’s see how it will work out for me. At least I will get to check it out on Sunday, when I can try both the 8K and 5K+ in Gouda. And then just wait another couple of months until I may get mine… perhaps… if everything goes to plan… as it always does with Pimax… :laughing:


I’ve ordered an Odyssey+ but not yet got it (if I even do?), still have rift/vive but aside from a quick test with something on my Vive last week I’ve only used the pimax… I did had a 2 week holiday in between use so maybe that helped :wink:

Or it’s just the difference between initial over analysing something (while we’re all hyped up) to just settled with generally using it. I still think some things are per app, where an app was made and tested on the vive, might have colours and brightness over adjusted. When trying my pimax a couple of nights ago I was looking at ED, bigscreen, beat saber and the steamvr home whilst showing a friend and thinking…the colours look fine, what was I initially thinking? :slight_smile: