Pimax 5k+ - first impressions video - Backer #17 from Germany



Could you please move the benchmark posts and CPU / GPU talk to another thread ?

I want to add some more infos later and that would make it easier for others to find info when it’s not full of other stuff.


Cool sorry often just floating between new posts.


I have made a follow up video. But talk only this time (with conclusion in the end).



Thanks for the update, I am glad you managed to get the straps work for you.

I was a but puzzled about your conclusion though - so you say the Pimax is a next gen VR experience, clearly surpassing the Rift, but then you aren‘t sure if it‘s worth the effort because it sort of just brings to the table what we hoped the Rift (and other first gen HMDs) would deliver, but they didn‘t. Err… wait a minute. You make it sound as if any upgrade the Pimax provides isn‘t substantial enough while at the same time pointing out that you miss those exactly with your Rift ? You lost me there… either the issues aren‘t that bad after all, then you‘d have no reason to complain about the Rift, or they are bad, and then you would be really happy about the difference the Pimax makes.

If it all boils down to „is it worth the price tag for the Pimax & a RTX video card“ to enjoy the next gen VR experience, that‘s a different story - of course nobody would suggest that a user only casually interested in VR invests into a Pimax: too expensive, too much inconvenience on several levels (external sensors required but not available from Pimax yet, same for controllers, not exactly plug ˋn play, etc.). This is clearly a VR enthusiast product. And for them the primary interest is if it is a substantial improvement, if it is next gen. The price point surely is a factor each enthusiast will carefully consider for themselves, but as long as it is not out of reach it would be seriously considered. And yes, we have moved the goalposts quite a bit since the early Palmer Luckey ballpark days… next increase possible coming with StarVR, if they surprise us with a „moderate“ price between 2,000-3,000$…


As I don’t play games very often on my PC and in VR it was meant more towards the „is it worth the price tag for the Pimax & a RTX video card to enjoy the next gen VR experience".

I had the DK1 and DK2 before the CV1 and
the DK2 was quite an step up from the DK1 but still far from perfect.
That’s why I had sold it after a few weeks.

The Pimax is the best headset on the consumer market right now in my opinion.

I think the FOV and immersion of the StarVR One combined with the higher resolution of the Pimax would be the perfect headset that I would be satisfied with.

I would not pay more than 1000$ for such a device but some day in the future it will be available for such a low price.

Wait, I should use my time machine to find out more about the future… :wink:
But damn, the plutonium prices are too high at the moment.


Much love to so many German folk speaking English for us. Puts us Brits to shame. The only German I know is “Bonjour, hasta la vista”