Pimax 5K+ Lighthouse Fix For Those Who Had The GearVR Lens Mod



Here is a guide to fix your Pimax 5k+ tracking issues, if you had the gearVR barrel distortion mode on your lighthouses for your HTC Vive.

  1. Start by deleting your current version of Pitools. That also means, once the uninstall is complete, you have to go into C:\programdata>pimax and delete it(Hidden File btw). Also, go into C:\User>Your Name>AppData> and delete the pimax/pitools folders in each of the three folders. Then, upgrade to the newest PiTools .112


Once installed. Go to C:\Program Files>Pimax>Runtime and copy this file into the root folder.

Then run lighthouse_console (as Admin) located in the same folder. A command promt window will pop up. And you need to type in this command.

uploadconfig PiFix.json (and press enter) It will upload the file, then finish. Once it is done, you can exit it out of the window. And your done…All is right in the VR world.

If by chance the headset is saying “put in view of the base stations”. Go into task manager and shut down, under services>PiserviceLauncher.

Then go into C:\ProgramData>pimax>runtime>config and delete the lighehouse folder. Then restart PiserviceLauncher in task Manager.

Have fun guys, and remember to delete your service ticket if you have one in for this, so the line is shorter for other problems in this community. Also, if this scares you to try. By all means wait for service ticket to be answered.

Im sorry guys the download I posted is the raw text. Copy the raw text into notepad, save it as a .JSON file. put that into the root pimax folder. Then proceed.

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What kind of tracking issues do you had ? I’m also ex Vive/GearVr mod user but never had any issues with tracking except that one or 2 times per week i have to reset hmd or services.
Btw I always thought that json barrel distortion correction files are stored in ViVe Hmd firmware not in lighthouses.