Pimax 5k plus or pimax BE?


Guys i already have preoder my pimax 5k plus vr headsets. Is this true Color are so bad in pimax 5k plus worse then HTC vive. Also other hand i have heard pimax BE its better cause of OLED. I think OLED screen have more screen door effect compare to LCD. I am not getting pimax 8k cause it won’t support my graphic card. Currently using GTX 1080. Some one help me out. Which one i should get Pimax 5k plus or pimax BE.


The contrast ratio for the panels is supposedly 1:800 (not great). There’s also some talk that the modifications they made to make the panels run at 90Hz also decreases the contrast ratio (that’s also common in overclocking monitors). But every review I’ve read that talks about colors say that you don’t notice the lack of colors in most games (notable exceptions are dark scenes in VR horror experiences).

Nothing will touch the inky blacks and vibrant colors of a well-calibrated OLED panel. I have an LG C8 TV and a Vizio (VA panel, FALD) without HDR. The LG is hands down a better screen, but I don’t notice the difference in the middle of a show. But they run the same resolution. If the Vizio panel ran 720P that would be a completely different situation.

Personally, I’m much more interested in the clarity the 5K+ higher effective resolution offers over the 5K BE than the better contrast ratio.