Pimax 5k plus Order Number P124955


I placed my order 10 days ago, and still don’t have any update for the shipping information. In the main webpage the order status appears to be blank without information about it. PLEASE… someone assist me in regards to this issue. Thank you!!


@SweViver or @Dallas.Hao can probably assist You tomorrow/Monday.


Your headset has been shipped by US warehouse today, and the tracking number will be updated tomorrow or the day after tomorrow


Thank you @DrWilken .:sunny:


Thanks. Do you know how the tracking number will be provided and when is going to arrive??


You will receive an email while the tracking info is updated. You will also receive a SMS if you have filled your phone number in your account…


I understand. Please send the tracking information as soon as possible. It have been two days since they shipped the pruduct and still don’t receive any email or text messages. I live in an apartment complex and need receive the product in person. Thank you in advance.


Good morning, I have been 3 days since your last update. I havent received the tracking information, or any update about the shipping process. I feel like I was scammed,no updates or nothing. Any help on this will be appreciated.


I don’t know if it works but it’s worth a shot:


I havent receive my package yet. It is been over 9ds. Do you have any updates?