Pimax 5K Plus - The MRTV Review - 8.8/10


Physical unit. Will get shipped to my freight forwarder and then to my country so will probably be about 2 weeks before I have it. @mixedrealityTV has been quite convincing that this thing is worth it, so gotta see it for myself man :slight_smile: I think I’ll also get an Odyssey+ by the way, got to see that anti-SDE stuff too :slight_smile:


Nice work. The first second hand buyer :slight_smile: Lucky you have all the V2 hardware

look forward to your impressions


Just also pre-ordered the Odyssey+ and I already had pre-ordered an 2080TI :slight_smile: Good times, can’t wait to see what’s the best out there myself :slight_smile:


I told ya… :joy:


2 weeks!? Wasnt the DHL/UPS 2-day top priority private cargo shipping your thing?:stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye::beers:


Please let us know your impressions on 5k+ versus odyssey+ when you receive them both.


Hi, @mixedrealityTV when you will do a comparation between lenovo explorer and pimax 5k+? can you do it please?



@mixedrealityTV, have you ordered the Odyssey+? I would like to have your opinion about it.


How much? Was it the price of a kidney? :sweat_smile:

Sorry… I couldn’t help myself with the kidney joke… I’m glad you changed your mind.

I really like my Samsung Odyssey… I’m interested in their new HMD but hearing from Martin and Sebastian saying that they can’t go back to the smaller FOV… I think I’ll wait to make that decision after my 5K+ arrives and demo the new Samsung. Besides, I don’t think I can wait so long for Pimax to release their controllers so I’m going to have to purchase a VIVE just for the controllers … add the new GPU and PSU I just purchased in prep of the 5K+… my VR costs keep rising faster than I expected.


Lol yah you already knew they would only ship out 20 units in the first 2 months. But on a serious note, I still think it was not a good thing you hyped it like you did when you knew the 8k was nowhere as good as Promised (200 horizontally, run on 1070, no sde etc) . After all the info that leaked afterwards people have come to accept that the 8k wasn’t as good as promised. I still think if that hadn’t happened and people only had your hyped version of reality, war would have broken out when they had released it. That was why I wasn’t happy with your words though you probably only meant well. But me too should have phrased some things differently


200 horizontally - was a typo
1070 - minimum requirement, confirmed to be enough for light gaming
no sde - you see it if you really look for it™️


It was literally said in the FAQ that it was 200 horizontally. People were expecting that.

Even a 2080TI can’t get to more than 60-70 fps in some popular games. Quite a different story than telling 1070 as minimum spec. People now understand they need at least a 1080 to enjoy these HMD’s and 1080TI/2080TI is much better suited. Even a 3080TI would be better suited, but I guess we’ll need to wait some time for that :slight_smile:

Several people confirmed that the SDE is substantially worse than the Pimax 4k. We now understand that’s because it’s only using 66% of the subpixels the 4k has and because of the weird diagonal pattern.

You got to understand though, this was in a time when the M1 had sub par tracking (due to a hardware tracking bug), distortion was so heavy that Sebastian said he couldn’t use the device for more than a few minutes without getting sick, several people reported on the “moving world” problem (which got fixed by later updates), two people had their devices break its shell when those hadn’t even fallen, one tester display panel faulted, some testers had received devices with lenses that had, according to their reports, more godray’s than both the Rift and Vive, this was before the 30% performance increase so even 1080TI had bad performance on quite a few games, rendering artifacts would cause objects to not render at all, testers had just learned this was NOT 200 Fov horizontally but 170 horizontally, some testers thought the 8k had a 1440p panel due to the SDE being much closer to that etc etc etc. Some people on the closed forum almost begged Pimax to lower expectations to the backers or the launch would dramatically fail. And then you had Sweviver on the public forum doing the opposite, telling everybody this thing was the best thing ever !?!? I was like “What the f*ck is this guy doing. And why?” Really the only thing i could think of was that he wanted some hype for youtube views. I mean, nobody is going to check his youtube vids without a hype. So that made me even more angry at him. I was wrong about that part though, since Sweviver didn’t release much vids at all, I think even 2 months without video’s. But either way, that was the situation back then and I (and some other testers) felt very badly that we didn’t need hype, but more realistic expectations. But again, I did some thing wrong too and would definitely have done some things differently if I could do them again.

Either way, Pimax miraculously managed to fix most of the issue’s and then even better, pulled the 5k+ out of their magic hat at the Berlin meeting, a device nobody had known about. And that seems to be more than a decent HMD. Worth selling a kidney :wink:


The 200 horizontal was said by pimax a few times, I specifically got them to qualify it and they re-confirmed it was horizontal. So more than a typo but probably a misunderstanding that the staff ran with for a while, then ninja edited in the FAQ a couple of months ago and a buried comment to confirm.


I’m pretty sure that’s it. I came to learn Xunshu wasn’t always aware of the technical details and what was going on in their tech lab. so I’m pretty sure it was just a miscommunication there. Either way, Pimax fixed that and communicated that correction later on, which was good that they did that before the launch.


It still is. I live in the Caribbean, I had packages delayed up to 8 weeks (!!) with regular post and never more than 5 days with DHL/UPS, sometimes it arrived even within 2 days from China. But seller wanted to ship in the USA so we agreed upon deliver to my freight forwarder in Miami. But regular post s*cks hard, I think it’s just the worst choice for shipping and I’m really not the only one with that experience here, I think almost everybody had similar experiences.


I specifically asked them in person and on the kickstarter comments and they said 200 degree horizontal. It may have been something they hadn’t even fully tested yet but still, was a miscommunication, not just a typo. I would definitely not recommend a 1070 to anyone using the 5K or 8K, even the 1080ti I would say is the bare minimum, at least till they get brainwarp/asw working. Both the 5K and 8K definitely have SDE, the SDE isn’t a whole lot better than even the current Samsung Odyssey or Vive Pro. I was a bit disappointed because the V2/V3 prototypes I tested I didn’t notice nearly as much SDE as I see now. But, I still say the overall package of Vive Pro/Odyssey levels of resolution, slightly better SDE than them, and much improved FOV makes the pimax a winner.


Anyway, please give us your thoughts about the odyssey+ and 5k+ when you’ve tested them and try to be objective.


I have the Odyssey+ on order too, it’ll be interesting to compare.


Well, I wasnt. I watched the Pimax 8k presentation video on Kickstarter and I saw the 200fov was corner to corner, even though the specs were as it was horizontal.
I don’t believe that Pimax tried to lie intentionally. Probably just a mix up of the tech terms.

Have you ever read any computer games hw requirements, with the minimum spec is just that, 30-40 fps AT BEST. Some might think it’s beyond unplayable, but it still works, kind of.

About the SDE, I can’t really agree or disagree, I have no first hand experience, hence the ™️

Edit. But for the topic, thank you @mixedrealityTV for the well written review! :pray:


Well, in comparison to Oculus games at least, they have to run at least 45 fps on minimum spec, which allows ASW to push to 90 for a good experience. There’s no way those same games would run on a 1070 on Pimax unless they get something equivalent to ASW working, which so far they haven’t.