Pimax 5K Plus - The MRTV Review - 8.8/10


Well, good experience is not the same as the game working or not.
Some people play console games at 30fps and are happy with it. It works, but it’s not a good experience.
I’m lucky to own a 4k TV with an awesomely good frame interpolation, without it I wouldnt be playing rdr2 on ps4 for sure.


As Sweviver/sebastian said it was the new equipment that mapped the distortion better.

The 8k while not quite as good as the 4k; it is quite a bit better than the 5k+ in terms of SDE. Just lacks the sharpness it could have due to the diagonal pixel pattern. The text is more readable than the overzoomed pics led ppl to believe.

Vive pro -> 5k+ -> 8k -> 4k

Now feature wise? I also give the 5k+ the edge due to being better for Desktop Monitor replacement due to sharpness & due to native res better for graphic design/editing.

I can’t comment on games that are a struggle for a 1080 ti on Vive Pro. But can say the games I posted with playing with in game settings 80/90 is possible. Though for gpu savings Normal FoV works best for this. Otherwise pitool x1.0 with steam default settings works well now. With in game tweaks.

Even Alien Isolation. Some games/programs though are not as friendly with wider FoV & may require small.


Indeed there Projection software is a must.


By that analogy min spec could be a 4 year old card. Fact is that those hmds need the fastest cards out there for good performance and that needed to be communicated. If pimax would have just communicated correctly from the start, none of the drama would have happened. Like Sebastian said, pimax needs to grow up very quickly, in all aspects, not just communication


Most though should know min spec is not what you want. You want to be between min & reccommended for reasonably decent experience.


Pimax doesn’t communicate a recommended spec though from what I’ve seen. All I see them say is “GPU
NVIDIA® GeForce® GTX 1070 and AMD® equivalent or above”


But as they say always good to be at least 1 up from min minimally. :beers::wink::+1::sparkles:

Why I skipped 1080 & went 1080 ti.


For sure. I am just saying that the 8k was in a very bad place back then, not just way below what was promised but in such bad place that some testers and honestly me myself too, had not a lot of hope it would succeed. Pimax needed at the very least to lower expectations. And that was why I was angry at sweviver, for doing the opposite. Anyway who cares now, the 5k+ seems very good and within tempered expectations the 8k now seems nice too


Well he’s often bubbly save his bias towards proffessional media.


So as a 4K user will i be disappointed with 5K+?


I hyped 8k because it is better than Vive Pro and Odyssey. Which it still is. But 5K is better.

Now XTAL is better than both. Should I now say Pimax is bad? Lol

You dont like me man that’s all. Let’s keep it personal. I dont mind hehe. But dont blame the Pimax headsets :wink:


Why would you think that exactly? Apart from the fact that it features 1440p panels instead of a 4k panel like the 4k does, so surely it will have some more SDE, it’s better in pretty much every other aspect.


Well it wasn’t for sure back then. Some testers couldn’t even use it for a couple of minutes without getting sick. And sure, it might be better than the Vive Pro. But even now after all the improvements, most people, exactly like Sebastian, still say the 5k+ is the better product. So when a product with 1440p panels is better than a product with 4k panels, then the hype was very far from warranted.


I can’t say tbh. The 5k+ is better than vive pro considerably. But definitely sharper than the 8k but the sde on the 8k is better than 5k+ but not as good as the 4k.

It just really depends on use. 5k+ makes for a good Desktop monitor due to it’s sharpness vs the 8k. This is primarily due to standard pixel grid & 2ndly the native resolution. Letters render easier on a standard grid vs a diagonal one. The 8k may get sharper yet to what it us but cannot be as good due to the pixel arrangement.

Simply put if your only getting the 5k+ it’s improvements over the 4k will still be quite nice even though it has more SDE.

The 5k+ I would put it right in the middle of Vive Pro & 4k. With the 8k in the middle between 5k+ & 4k. At these high res’ tge difference is as some have said not huge but noticeable if your aquity sees it.

Essentially the 8k us much better for movies & gaming.

Where the 5k+ is good for monitor replacement & nice all around use.


Besides Seb and Thomas I never took any of the other testers seriously. Because they didn’t care.

And yes 5k+ is better. I was one of the first ppl telling u that.

But that still doesn’t say 8k was or is bad in any way


Hope you will try the starVr One soon to compare…


He’s trolling you again :roll_eyes:

Bitter that he sold low, had to eat humble pie and buy again high :rofl:


Interesting cause 1 had his headset blew up & fail entirely. But up until then was a daily poster.

As was the Spanish team that pooled with @Cdaked. Posted testing details all the time.

All the rest you often complained about there lack of dedication to testing having other priorities.


No trolling, just reporting what the state of the project was back then and it was BAD, just look at my summary of some of the issue’s I outlined above. It turned out to be really nice, also because Pimax suddenly surprised everybody, including Sweviver, when they revealed the 5k+ in Berlin. And personally I had very little hope they could sort out all of the issue’s they had, because it took them ages to fix much more basic issue’s with the Pimax 4k, so extrapolating that experience didn’t promise a lot of good. But I think Pimax hired at lot of more tech guys (I think the CEO said they now have 150 people on their pay roll?), which probably explains why they’ve solved things much quicker this time.

I replaced my 6xxx spot with a 6x spot and have no problem paying the backer who was smart enough to buy in that low spot and reward him for the risk he took. He deserved it.


Primarily because of increased SDE, i’m so used to minimal SDE on 4K by now that i see how going to 5k+ might be a problem. I’ll definitely appreciate 5K+ wide FOV though.