Pimax 5K Plus - The MRTV Review - 8.8/10


What about spotting enemies further away? You said 8k was definitely the winner there. Is that still the case? I am very happy with the 8k and it seems great for spotting the enemies far away. If the 5k is better I’d rather get that, but I am not going to have a chance to try one without buying it.


Tbh it’s not enough to be too concerned. I know with checking the Vive Pro I could get used to that after being a 4k user. & the 5k+ is considerably better in terms of SDE.

Just like I said if your considering workstation monitor replacement the 5k+ is the clear choice.


Hopefully they will showcase near you.


@yanfeng & @mixedrealityTV were the first to remark & prefer the 5k+ over the 8k.


Because some of us did care, as Pimax themselves did, as u say. And while 5K+ was better from start because of the panels, it became a success a lot thanks to the development of 8K during beta phase, including software improvements.

The 8K m1, except its too thin plastics and a non working microphone, was never bad. It was always the lenses + software which got improved fast. Today 5K+ uses the same improved lenses and software.

You mean before 5k+? Yes the 8k was and still is better in most aspects than the current gen.

I must say while im curious about Odyssey+, I also feel its pointless for me to buy it as I wont use it anyway. SDE is for sure better than Pimax, but the low fov and WMR tracking puts me off and I cant see myself enjoying it despite “perfect” panels.


Again, like said:

  • Distortion was so heavy for some users that they got literally sick after playing a few minutes
  • Fov turned out to be 170 horizontally instead of the 200 FoV Pimax always repeated, even in their FAQ
  • Damaged exterior shell of 2 users, even without falling.
  • Moving world problem, reported by several users
  • Godray’s on the some M1 tester lenses were worse than the Rift
  • Out of focus placed panel on the Spanish testers HMD
  • Pumcy’s HMD’s planel just stopped functioning correctly after a few days
  • M1 hardware tracking bug caused tracking to be sub standard
  • People were still expecting the 8k’s SDE to be on par with the pimax 4k, while the testers who owned the Pimax 4k thought that the 8k was equipped with 1440p panels because the SDE was much closer to that.
  • Microphone did not work
  • Performance was way worse, even on 1080TI it was horrible at that point in time
  • Rendering artitifacts where objects wouldn’t get rendered at all

And there was more I even forgot. So first I read your statements on the public forum about how this thing was the best thing ever and then I read this on the closed forum and was like WHAT THE F*CK …

Anyway in retrospective I think you were simply so impressed with the FoV that you didn’t even mind all the other issue’s and you didn’t experience all the issue’s that others reported. But still, at that point Pimax needed to lower expectations, not make them even higher.


Well one of the testers wasn’t able to see the world is moving much to the upset of the other testers. But in fairness none at the time seemed to want to setup a multiplayer session to guide him so he could recognize it like the rest.


As you can see he’s changed his mind. As he originally cited the 8k as being better for spotting things at a distance & that the 5k+ was better for closer details.


Lets not forget the 170 FOV mode is unplayable with the distortions and framerate so to date they only really really achieved a 150 degree 1440p headset. Is it better than the current lineup? Yes for sure but far from the initial target


Well truth the distortions are there in large FoV but it’s more the GPU savings you get that makes it a bettet choice gor frame rate gains. If you could get the frames in Large not as bad with distortion. But as many have said really Normal FoV is plenty. Even Small is a decent leap over gen1 at 120ish.


Solved with software

Diagonal FOV is still today close to 200.

Yes thats what I just said

Software. Correction profile. Never saw it btw :slight_smile:

Yes that was the first lenses. We got them replaced. Again, already said that before.

Thats aomething only Spanish testers has seen so far. To me a big mystery like most of the things coming from the Spanish side :slight_smile:

Yes? Probably a faulty unit?

No. Tracking was never a problem for me from day 1.
Tracking related issue were confirmed being caused by low performance. Again, a software issue.

Expectations were always too high in my opinion. Thats nothing Pimax can do about, neither could I except telling people to dont expect a perfect unit. Which i said many times.

Yea that’s one of the 2 issues i mentioned. Microphone WAS detected but not working. They replaced it.

Again, software improvements

Aaand again, software glitches. I reported that many times and was fixed back in m1 days.


Guys , please dont start again :slight_smile:
peace !


Xunshu confirmed issues with their m1 lenses. So mystery was solved.

Oscar whom was not part of the That Spanish team reported on issues observed with the 5k+ of which was most likely related to software unresolved issues at the time of publishing article.

Where as today those articles would have a more positve spiel being done in the now.


LOL you’re right Yata, let’s leave it at this and focus on the future.


Sure. I just dont like propaganda being spread, eapecially from someone outside of the beta phase.

Sjef Im happy u finally realized Pimax is not a fail. Im happy you found a 5K+ unit to buy. You will for sure love the 5K+. We all know the 5K+ is better.

But 8K is really not bad in anyway. And if 5K+ never existed, I would have still today praised the 8K being the best headset available.

Today I can say XTAL is better than Pimax, but no one can afford it ans definitely not me, so its not even a fair comparison.
StarVR is for sure better as well. But thats same story. Most likely out of reach to 99% of the enthusiasts.

Lets just be happy we are a part of this big shift in VR evolution. Being some of the first users worldwide enjoying REAL VR with wide FOV. Which for sure is the future.
Pimax made it poassible. No one else was interested.

Peace and love


No progaganda at all, just my observations. Anyway agreed with the rest of your post.


Unplayable? Have u tested it yourself?
Assėetto Corsa I always play Large FOV. 90 and 80 stable. Looks amazing and feels amazing.

“Only 150” :blush: Im sure you will change your mind once u try it


Here’s what the FAQ said:
What are the monocular horizontal FOV and the vertical FOV of your headsets?
Monocular horizontal FOV is no less than 150 degrees, and we are still optimizing now. Vertical FOV is 120 degrees. (150? is this a different figure to the 200? Is it possible to clarify exactly what this means to avoid confusion?)
Last updated: Tue, October 24 2017 7:31 AM CDT


But whatever. Glad you’re on board.


That sounds promising. You have to admit though you have a cast iorn gut for VR sickness :slight_smile:

According to Xunshu they wont be available for 120 days :)(best case scenario) Will see whats available at the time


Yeah that’s after they admitted the error and updated the FAQ. It said 200 horizontally before that. And they also confirmed that 200 horizontally on several occasions on the forum. I’m sure it was just miscommunication internally, I don’t suspect anything else. But it needed to be communicated correctly.